Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do you Cook at Home? Still need to sign up for your Kroger Donation Card?

If your answer is yes to either of those questions, then you need to head on over to Carrie's Cooking. And, before you ask, is not my site. This is another Carrie!! Yes, the same Carrie that won that $5 gift certificate on Blingo for both of us!

Why am I sending you over for a visit? First, I love the grocery game, as you all know, and am all stockpiled. Well, this Carrie also uses the grocery game and so her website's recipes often times has recipes I can use with the ingredients I have on hand. Now, keep in mind, depending on what area of the US you are in, you may have different items stockpiled...BUT...I can usually find 2 to 3 recipes a week I can use. This has been very helpful.

Carrie posts her shopping list and recipes for the FULL week the weekend before. So, I can log in, check what she will be cooking up, pick what recipes I want/have the ingredients for, and am set. Once again, this is a BIG timesaver for me. Yes, yes, I are all SOOO tired of hearing me say how I like timesavers...but come have to agree with me!! TIMESAVER. One of the best words in the English Dictionary.

The other reason I am recommending Carrie's site? If you read my article on the importance of donating for free, then you know I want you all to get a Kroger card, if they are available to you. Well, some of you might not know who to donate your 4% to, right? Well, Carrie has cards for the American Cancer Society available that she will ship out to you, and you can begin using them. I know many of us have been touched, unfortunately, by cancer in our lives. Whether someone close to us, a distant relative, friend or is a sad fact that it touches so many lives. And, this is a great way to support the cause and fight against cancer. So, PLEASE...if you don't have anyone else to donate to, email Carrie. It costs you nothing to donate to this worthy charity! I personally, have one of Carrie's Kroger cards in my wallet!

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