Monday, June 1, 2009

The Return of Week In Review

For the last three weeks, I have not published my week in review. And, in all honesty, it is simply that life got away from me. Between running two kids to sports, dance class, end of year school events and well, Kings Island Amusement Park opening ( we go on the weekends ) I just got behind!

Then, I wanted to see if everyone even liked this feature on my site and if it was worth the time I invested in publishing it.

Thanks to everyone who responded, and it seems the overall vote was to continue on with this feature. I had my husband sit down and read all the comments and he seemed to understand my logic behind it then and why it was helpful for others to read. It is my way of portraying what works, what doesn't pay that well, and what others can expect. And, above all, I am hopeful it encourages others to do all these small things, because it DOES make a difference overall.

I also read some helpful hints. For example, one comment was to split Savings and Earnings out for tracking in my side bar. Due to the fact that it would be a time investment to redo five months of this year, I am going to leave it as is for 2009. BUT, starting in 2010, I will be breaking this out for tracking purposes. That was a great suggestion! Thank you so much!

In addition, I was notified of some annoying purple pop up that comes up on my site when you visit. So, I am working with the site who has it out there to get it taken down...hopefully. :-) Sorry for the inconvenience.

So, here is my "catch up" Week In Review. It is actually a 3 week in review. In addition, it is not complete. I have not logged all my grocery receipts yet, so you will see some of my numbers roll over into upcoming Week In Reviews ( I plan to publish these on Sunday again ). I may have missed a bit of extra savings, too. I have a pile of receipts waiting for my attention here.

For new readers, what is Week In Review?

Here you will find a re-cap of what happened in my household over the past week and the monetary impact to us.

Follow along with me and watch your earnings and savings grow, too!

Remember, don't forget to track your own numbers, as it is fun and beneficial to know what is working for you!

Listed below is the total I saved or earned, the post that explains the details ( if there is one ) and then the method where I am adding this total for tallying purposes.

Here goes.....


Total Savings = $728


Total Earnings = $2, 651

Total Earnings & Savings = $3,380

And, going forward, I will start my recap of all I did in the past that will benefit me in the future. BUT...well, I don't think I have the time to list 3 weeks of activity, so stay tuned next week. :-)

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jen said...

Thank you for the recap! I am new to your blog and get your RSS feed, but this recap is very helpful.

Thanks again!


Leah said...

I love the recap. thanks for bringing it back :)

Carol S. said...

Thank you for keeping this feature! I check in with you every day to see how you are doing. I want to convince my husband that we should try some of these online offers based on your successes. He's a "bottom-line" guy and will be convinced with hard evidence. Thank you for how hard you work at this. You DESERVE every dollar you get because you EARN it. God bless you.