Saturday, May 30, 2009

Online Offers - Over $4,000 in New Releases!

Welcome to my weekly post for all of you Online Offer enthusiasts out there.

Here you will see a list of which new offers are available, so you can find out what is currently new and fresh in the world of online offers.

All of these offers will also be on my Online Offers page, along with any other online offers available. Please click here or go to the button in my left menu bar titled, Online Offers at anytime to read on how I make thousands with these deals.

And, don't forget to email me your picture with your prizes when they arrive. And, leave a comment in the Blogger Bragger post when you get your goodies!!

IDeal - MarketLabs

IDeal -Jasper Marketing

IDeal - 123 Click

IDeal - Top Notch


New to the world of Online Offers and not sure where to get started? My recommendation from this week's list would be to begin with $500 from IDeal. So, give Consumer Opinion Bureau a try. Click here.

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Sandra said...

Thanks for the list Carrie. I have one question. I recently did the $500 Visa Gift card (e-Research Center) from IDeal-Top Notch, and I'm still waiting for everything to be "approved." So, can I now do the $500 Visa Gift card (Consumer Opinion Bureau) from IDeal-MarketLabs? Can I do more than one IDeal offer at a time?

Carrie @ said...

Hi Sandra,

You can do more! Yay!

You can do up to $1,000 per month per SUBsite.

So, you can do $1,000 to Top Notch, BUT you can also do another $1,000 to 123 Click, another $1,000 to MarketLabs, etc, etc.

Once your 6 mos is up at each of those sites, you can do $1,000 again!

Make sure to read the FAQs on my Online Offers page and go to Facebook discussions to read up on duplicating offers, etc. As long a you don't duplicate offers from the same parent company on Top Notch between the two $500 ones you do ( or 123 Click, etc, etc ) you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, Nicole from Nicole's Nickels told me that I did not have to worry about duplicating offers from different sub companies. She said that I only had to worry about duplicating offers within one single offer. I'm confused now...

Anonymous said...

if i've already done e-research, that means i can't do them ever again right?

Anonymous said...

hello, is anyone there?

Short On Cents said...

i have a ton of question Carrie-can u help me somehow?

Julie said...

Hi Carrie,

I'm a little confused about duplicating offers. I did an IDeal 123-Click (e-bonus rewards) deal a few months ago. If I do a MarketLabs or a Top Notch, do I need to worry about duplicating offers that I did with 123 Click? Or do I only need to worry about duplicating if I do another 123 Click?


Anonymous said...


Love your site. With doing on-line offers have you ever NOT received your money or gift card? Not as a result of fulfilling the requirements on your end, but as a result of it being a scam? That is my only hesitancy! Thanks!

Leah said...


Thanks for the information. I'm ready to sign up for my second one :) I know that I can't duplicate sub site and that I can't duplicate offers.

My question do I know what the sub company is? I dont know the subcompany of the first offer I did. It was with e bonus rewards - is that Top Notch, Market Labs, etc?


Carrie @ said...

Lots of questions.

Let me start with the first one.

You canNOT duplicate offers even if doing another IDeal website within the same company AND it is within a 6 mo period.

Basically, if you do a Top Notch site...for all the websites that roll into Top Notch, you can not duplicate any offers that are owned by the same parent company. So, be very careful. Many get DQ'd for this.

2nd questions...if you have already done a site ( e-research ) you can NEVER do the site again. Even if it is for a different gift. You are done forever with that specific site.

Short on Cents..feel free to ask away!


I cannot promise anything, but a bunch of us have tested and duplicated offers across the subsites and been fine. So, from our experience, you can duplicate from 123 Click to Top Notch, etc. But, you are right...if you do another 123 Click site, you canNOT duplicate from the same parent company.

For all the companies I talk about on my site, I have ALWAYS gotten my money thus far. I have been doing these for years and not had issues.

I did test a new company for my blog and did not get my money ( see why I test them first ) :-) So, you will not see me posting about it. I only post about companies I know to be legit.

Scroll to the bottom of the sign in page At the very bottom, it will say what company it is from.

Also, if it is still listed in my side bar, I have them categorized for everyone.

Short On Cents said...


According to our records you never fully registered for your account. You would need to go back to the first page of the website and enter your current email address. After you enter your email address you will be prompted to enter your name, address, telephone number and date of birth. Once you have entered that information please allow up to 15 minutes for your account to update.

You will not lose credit for any of the offers you completed.

Customer Service Okay so i got this message emailed them and got this back You can login to your account here so i go there already knew 2 silver approved didn't explain nothing to me for starters this is one of the questions what do i do? It shows 2 silved approved but the rest are pending-this is new to me I am SCARED OF LOSING ALL THIS MONEY

Carrie @ said...

Has it been 10 days since you signed up yet? If not, then wait until day 10/11 for the rest of the offers to approve.

Then, see what you still need to do replacements for.

Once everything approves, you WILL need to go back and make sure you completed the registration process ( or you can do it now ).

Otherwise, your certificates won't print for redemption. You just need to go back thru the beginning and complete the sign in process AND do all the survey questions before you get to the actual offer pages. You can't skip that part.

Anonymous said...

is it normal for nothing to approve in 5 days? i started a $500 gift card with and it's been 5 days and nothing has approved. this is my 2nd offer. the first one went so smoothly and i'm waiting for my card. this one is scaring me because my credit card company called and said someone tried to charge $400 on my account. my first offer i only spent $20.50 in all and this offer is already $50 and i still may have to send stuff back. i'm so nervous and scared. any advice or just words to assure me that i'm not being scammed??? sorry.. just so worried...

Short On Cents said...

Thanks but i already did the whole gone through the survey again, so how do i know 4 sure without getting messed out of a bunch of money here? I will be sooooooo mad! Thanks a million for your help here and no it hasn't been 10/11 days yet, but that isn't what i am worried about

Carrie @ said...

You should be good to go then! Wait for your day 10/11 and then do your replacements.

After the replacements come thru, print your forms, mail...then keep an eye on them to make sure they receive them.

Your gift should come within about 2 months.

Carrie @ said...

I wouldn't worry until day 10 or 11. It is different for whatever offers you choose.

The first time I did IDeal, nothing approved until the set day...then they all approved at once.

In regards to the $400, that sounds like someone stole your credit card number.

Your credit card should put a stop to it and research it. You shouldn't have to pay it since you didn't charge it.

Do you use virtual credit card numbers? I highly recommend them when doing online offers.

That way no one can steal your number.

Anonymous said...

carrie, i did use a virtual #. they weren't able to charge the $400 because i put a limit on it of $10. the credit card company closed out my account and is issuing me another card #. do you think someone from one of those advertised companies stole my credit card number? that's scary. thank you for your help.

Carrie @ said...

Good for you!!! Perfect!!

I love virtual card safe!

You never know. Who knows where they steal them from.

I have had mine stolen at restaurants before when the waiter takes are card to process the check. I have had them stolen online before, my mom had hers stolen from her purse at the nursing home while visiting my grandma.

Their our shady people everywhere. One of those companies would just need to have one dishonest person working for them, and they could get stolen...just like the restaurant had a shady waiter working for them.

I LOVE credit cards for this very reason ( I never use debit cards ). The credit cards stop the charges and we don't lose any money. Yay!

You did the absolute right thing by using a credit card and a virtual number! Good job!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, one more thing... if it weren't for you, I would've never known about the virtual number. Never even heard of them. So, thank you!

Carrie @ said...

Not a glad my advice actually saved a huge charged and mess to your credit card company.

Even though you still wouldn't have had to pay for it, etc....I LOVE that we stopped the "bad" guy from getting their order to go thru.

Feels so good, doens't have outwitted the theives of this world.

Don't forget...use the virtual card number ANYTIME you buy anything online...not just with online offers.

Volree said...

First, thanks for all the info!
I jsut tried my first Ideal offer through MarketLabs. One offer has been approved but i'm waiting on the rest. My question is, if I go to do another deal through 123.. I can do some of the same offers I did through Marketlabs, correct? and if I do, how does that work when you have 2 accounts with the same name and address on them? i guess the email address is different? Just want to make sure I understand this correctly and won't get DQ'd for dulicating offers. There are only so many on the Ideal sites, I dont know how you can't do some more than once...
Thanks for any help!!

Short On Cents said...

day 9 for my final four offers and am freaking out, i actually did two more and still nothing, i am so scared of losing all this money?

Carrie @ said...

Short on Cents,

Why did you do two more when you haven't reached the day 10/11 mark yet?

When you do extra offes like that, you risk duplicating offers from the same parent company and also waste offers you could have done for future online offers.

One of the best things to do is to sign up for everything, and not check your account again until day 10/11. Just mark it on your calendar.

It becomes very nerve wracking when you check it daily and hope they will approve before then. Usually, they don't. They process on a schedule normally.

Don't forget, it is common to have to do 2 to 4 replacements. So, if you have 4 left, that is actually in the normal range.

Keep me posted and write me back on day 11 and let me know how many you have left...if it is still 4 or less. I'll be curious to see how it plays out now that you did replacements before that mark.

And, don't worry....everyone goes thru this "worried" stage. You are SOO normal. But, after you get thru it the first time, it becomes much easier and you don't even worry about it much after that. :-)

Short On Cents said...

hey i realized over the weekend that two of the four originals i did were from the same parent company so i immediately did two others-did i screw up or what? I'll let you know thanks for being there

Anonymous said...

my first $500 gift card is on the way... thank you so much for all your help. i'm waiting for my 2nd $500 to get approved. thanks again.

Short On Cents said...

wow anonymous i wanna get there but am freaking out.

Anonymous said...

short on cents, you'll get there. i was freaking out on my 2nd one when none had approved til day 10. then 7 out of 8 did, so i did a replacement. just waiting for that one to approve.

Short On Cents said...

Thanks day 10 is 2morrow we will see

Short On Cents said...

Carrie-Day 11 and only 3 of the four approved how many extra should i do? I have two more that still say pending?

Short On Cents said...

Thank you for your interest in's $500 in Gift Cards offer! Unfortunately, the email address you entered does not match our records of registered users of Please reenter your email address or go to our site to register again WTH!? What now this is what it keeps telling me HELP HELP CARRIE HELP ME ALL THIS MONEY AND NOW THIS?

Anonymous said...

short on cents, in the beginning when you filled in the survey, did it not let you finish it all the way? my sister did the too and it did not let her finish the survey, but let her do the offers. so, i'm wondering if she will run into the same problem you are having...

Carrie @ said...


If you did 123 Click you can then do Market Labs.

I would still NOT recommend doing the exact same offers, as you do want to legitimately give the offers a try. So, it would make sense to try new ones.

BUT..with that said, you shouldn't have to worry about duplicating "parent" company offers. For example, if you did Columbia House on one, you should be fine to do BMG on the other.

I can't GUARANTEE, but many of us have been testing this and they seem to go thru fine.

Carrie @ said...

Short on Cents,

OK..I am confused. So, get me up to speed here.

Only 3 of the 4 approved? You only need one more to meet requirement, right?

So, you would only do one replacement.

Let me know if I am understanding your situation wrong. But, sounds to me like one replacement.

In regards to not logging in now, make sure the WHOLE web address of the company you originally signed up with is on the site you are on. Don't just use just, as often that won't work.

If you are using the whole address, try again later in the day. If they were running their batch and updating files, you may not have been able to get in at that time.

If at the end of the day you still can't access your account, simply send them an email thru the Contact Us button at the top of the page. Provide your login information and they should be able to find it for you and get it all worked out.

Short On Cents said...

okay so today everything went through i was able to print the W-9 and when it came to print the certificate it would NOT let me print so i went back like the directions said and re registered it let me print it but no pictures printed on the form everything else though-does that matter? Silly I know but wanna make sure before i mail today?

Carrie @ said...

Nope, shouldn't matter. My pics never print either.

Congrats!!! You finally made it to the next phase!

Now, keep an eye on it to make sure they receive it.

If they don't get it in 2 weeks, then shoot them an email, include your delivery confirmation # and ask if they can update your account.

They will usually write back and let you know that they will update in 30 days...standard procedure.

Keep track, and if a week before your 60 days is up and your status still hasn't updated, then RESEND the forms ( so print 2 copies of everything today or save a copy ) with delivery confirmation again...just to be safe!

Short On Cents said...


Short On Cents said...

O and edit
Thanks 4 all u do (Where's ur rep button LOL!)

Volree said...

Thanks for replying Carrie! I filled out all my offers on the
3rd, so I guess today would be day 10? I checked and all my final 4 have approved (yay!) and one of the gold and one of the silver. I think i'll wait till Sunday to do any replacements.. or should I go ahead and do them to be safe? Of the 2 not approved, one of them is Netflix and the other is the Mineral Elements and I figured those would both go through quickly.. not sure why but I did:)I was actuallly really excited about both of those products!!
So my question is, if the majority of them went in last night then I would think that the other 2 would not get approved? Any thoughts or should i just wait a couple of days and the do some extra offers for the gold and silver?

Thanks Carrie! Oh, I added your group on FB, that is a great source of info for the parent companies!!