Thursday, January 22, 2009

Methods Madness Marathon!! Receipts!!

Your homework today is going to be quite easy!

Here is what you need to do:

  • Go get 12 business size envelopes.
  • Write a different month of the year on each.
  • Take them out to the glove box of your car
  • Leave the January envelope in your center console


I know, you are wondering why I am telling you to do this, so let me explain.

Keeping your receipts organized and checking them after every sale will save you quite a bit of money each year. Last year, I received $100 back thanks to having my receipts, AND I was able to get $1,000 refunded for a product that was a year old and there was a recall. Since, I had my receipt organized, I was able to go pull it immediately and the store gave me a full refund ( I did NOT want another of the product ).

Yesterday, I received $5 back. Before the Holidays, we decided it was time to move my 4 year old to a new booster seat. The one she was in was 5 years old and had reached it's expiration date. So, we shopped around until we found one we liked.

We got a good price on it, but when it comes to some products, you don't always buy the "cheapest" product. You look at other features, safety ratings, etc.

Well, I was shopping the same store yesterday and noticed her booster seat went on sale for $5 cheaper. Now, stores will do price adjustments at times, but it usually needs to be with a week or two after you buy the product. But, they will usually return products and give you a refund for approx. 3 months after you buy a product.

Since I was not able to get a price adjustment, I rebought the product at the new lower price. Then, since I always have my receipts categorized by month and in my car, I was able to pull the original receipt. I then immediately wheeled over to customer service and returned it with my old receipt. Thus, I got $5 back!

I will say, I do only keep 3 months of receipts in my automobile. After that, I move the 4th month into my file cabinet in the house. It just gets to be too much otherwise. But, I always keep 3 months, because I know I can return at most stores for that long.

Why else do I like my receipts organized? You never know when you will stumble upon a rebate for a product you bought and was within the date range. You can, again, quickly pull your receipts and mail in your rebate and get money back.

Finally, as I leave the store and head to my car, I ALWAYS read over my receipt before I get to the car and put it in the month's envelope. From restaurants to stores, I scan them all. It is amazing how many times products ring up wrong, are scanned twice or an item was missed.

In fact, I have an XBOX 360 game in my console now that I need to take back to Target and pay for...yes, it got missed and didn't get rang up. I had searched the receipt looking at prices to make sure they were right, not if something was missing. So, mistakes happen both ways.

As I mentioned yesterday, Kroger has a scan right guarantee and I utilize this quite frenquently. So many times, items ring up wrong. And, when that happens, I get it free. But, even if you aren't getting your item free, you still want the overcharge refunded. That is your money!

I know this is a super easy and straightforward method, but I honestly think people forget that just a small bit of organization can ultimately affect your finances. So, get those envelopes put together and out in your car!


monacutest said...

hi carrie,

how's it going? let me say that i read your blog, and found myself looking for 12 envelopes. thanks so much for sharing your method regarding receipts. before i got into couponing, i did not care about organizing my receipts. but when i got to learn the ropes of couponing, i learned that it pays to be organized!

your site helps me alot and i really appreciate the time you're taking to teach all of your readers about moneysaving and "money-earning" methods.

thanks thanks thanks! :)



Liliana said...

Those are great ideas. Thank you very much for sharing. I always throw them away. Once in a while I keep some just because I'm proud of the savings that the receipt shows. From now on I will be more organized with my receipts.

Thanks again