Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sale Shopping with Mega Blocks!

I feel like all my posts are about today, but well...they are!

If you are new to my site and haven't read how I sale shop for my family and save 75% or more on all the gifts I need for the year, click here to find all the details.

I highly recommend putting your list together today, if you haven't already, so you can begin sale shopping immediately. You will not believe how much it will save your family over the course of a year...especially when the Holidays roll around and you are not shelling out tons of money. :-)

So, I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great deals of approx 75% off that I can use and match up with family and friends on my sale shopping list.

I was extremely excited to find a phenomenal deal on MegaBlocks products at today.

To start, my sons birthday is coming up in a month and he LOVES building things with his Magnetix, Knex and Legos.

When I saw this deal included Magnetix ( but don't worry..there are many other options for younger kids, too ), I was thrilled. So, for anyone who has young boys ( or girls ) who like MegaBlocks type toys, this would be a great time to get some of them marked off your Birthday/Holiday shopping lists for a fraction of the cost.

How does the deal work?

First, buy $30 or more of qualifying MegaBlocks products here. This will qualify you for Free Shipping, yay!

I picked the Magnetix 85 Count Podium for $30.72. It is regularly $39.99, but on sale. ( today, it is now $29.xx, so wouldn't qualify for the $30 promotion. But, now a Magnetix 100 count is marked 23% off to $30.83. It appears they change the $30 product daily, so make sure to go thru all the pages of qualifying items )

Next, you can choose one of these building sets for FREE. Get your Free Product right here

I chose the Struxx Robotrixx, which retails for $69.99. And, I get it free!

When I combine the total value of my package ( $69.99 plus $39.99 ), my total should have been almost $110! I am only spending $30.72, which is a savings of 72% for me!
OK..yes, it is not my normal 75% off, but it is darn close and my son loves these types of toys. I can't go wrong!

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Jamie said...

Amazing! Thanks for the heads up! I just got gifts for all three of my boys for $5 (have been saving my Amazon gift cards for a month or so)!

Carrie @ said...

Sale shopping is so fun, isn't it?

I swear, I get so excited when I wrap gifts, that my husband gets so tired of me asking..."guess how much I paid for this, honey?"

He is always like..." I don't know..nothing? "

And, of course, I say...almost!

Glad you were able to get gifts for $5!

Tami from MO said...

I've been following your site for about a month now and I first want to say thank you for all of this really great and insightful information. I have found quite a few ways to save our family some money lately and am so appreciative!

Quick question for you - how did you find this great sale on Amazon? Did you just stumble upon it or is there a link that shows special offers??

Thanks so much!

Fistful of Coupons said...

Wow!! Thanks a million!! I just ordered the two set of magnetix for my boys-- they will LOVE them come Christmas time. That is an amazing deal and I am so glad you shared. You just saved me so much $$!! Woo hooo!

Carrie @ said...

Yay...I am glad everyone is excited about this deal, like I was. I love magnetix. Well, as long as no one puts them in their mouths. I have to be careful around here, since I have a 2 year old, as well as an almost 7 year old.


In answer to your question, I have never found a way to find where discounted and special promotions are on That is the only thing I don't like about their site...there is no button to click and see all promos across the board.

I just stumbled upon this deal because a friend of mine told me about I knew the deal was for me. I think she said she found it on a message board somewhere.

If anyone knows a way to find all promos...please let us all know.

I would love it and would be checking it often!

Gretchen said...

I am wondering what I'm doing wrong. I added 3 items to my cart from the pages specified, which totalled 33. something. Then I added the castle and when I go to my shopping cart, the discount is not taken off, but the next step is to "place order". Where am I missing the discount? Will it not show until I place my order? It's making me nervous! Thanks for any help you can give me!

Carrie @ said...

The discount does not show up until the very last page.

It should be the same page where you see the shipping come off after you choose the super saver shipping option.

Let me know if you still don't see it and I can research for you then.

Carrie @ said...

The discount does not show up until the very last page.

It should be the same page where you see the shipping come off after you choose the super saver shipping option.

Let me know if you still don't see it and I can research for you then.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for your willingness to help. The free shipping comes off fine, but not the other discount. I just spoke to someone in customer service and he says he can't find that promotion and does not think it exists. I'm frustrated, but will just pass up on this opportunity and hope to find a similarly great one another time...

Stacey said...

I had the same problem as Gretchen. I have an e-mail in to customer service and hope it turns out or I will have to cancel this order:( It is funny because on Carrie's link page it says until May 30.

Carrie @ said...

You are right. I just did a test run to see if the promo is still working, and it didn't come off on mine either.

I just sent an email to customer service, too.

But, if you click on the rules/restrictions, you will see they mention that it can end early since it is while supplies last.

They may only have so many they set aside of the free items ( even though they might still have some for sale ) and they could be all gone now. More than likely, I am going to assume that is what happened..but you never know.

Often times, great deals are gone FAST!

Let me know if you guys hear anything, too. I will post a comment as soon as I hear back from CS, too.