Friday, January 23, 2009

$75 Free from PNC Bank

Now thru January 31st, open a new PNC Bank account and get $75 Free!

New to making money with Bank Offers, click here to read my webpage on Bank Offers.

So, what are the terms for this offer?

  • Click here to open a New Customer PNC Free Checking Account by January 31st
  • Must enroll in their Free Online Banking by February 27th
  • Set up a Direct Deposit by March 31st of at least $500
  • Your account will be credited 7 days after your first Direct Deposit

As always, please make sure to read the terms and conditions on your own.

Don't forget, when you set up direct deposit, if your company allows your paycheck to go to more than one bank, just send the $500 to PNC for now. If you need that money in your other checking, you can do an online transfer to your original bank ( please note: this seems to take about 7 days, on average, to transfer bank to bank ).

For a few clicks to transfer money, you have made an easy $75.

As always, if you like a bank when trying them in this way, be sure to remain a customer. Like any other intro offer, they are hoping you will enjoy their product ( their bank ).

And, remember, you can click on the Bank Offers button in my left menu bar at any time to find the current offers I have discussed on my site.

As always, one of my favorites is Sharebuilder, and if you are new to this whole program, it is a good one to start with. They do not require direct deposit and you get your bonus quickly. Plus, you then have access to buying and selling stocks at a very low cost, if you ever need that in the future.

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Anonymous said...

actually you don't have to enter your credit card info...just click continue and it will by pass it.

Cent With Love said...

Carrie - just wondering how you keep track of all the bank deals and transferring of money that you do. I'm just really getting into the bank deals, and I love them! I would love some guidance on how you deal with them, though.


Carrie @ said...

Good question.

First, I use the Quicken free version ( click on my Bank Offers button in the left menu bar and it will take you to a page where it is listed ).

This loads all my accounts and gives me one overview of them all.

THEN, just to keep it easy, each month when they send me my statement, as all banks do, I transfer any balances over to my High Interest account the same day, before I file the statement away in my filing cabinet.

I only leave the minimum balance required in the account. All banks, or most, have electronic bill pay/transfers that I use to send the money to my High Interest account with a few clicks of the mouse.

Cent With Love said...

Thanks a bunch, Carrie. I signed up for Quicken and I think it will make this all a ton easier. :)

retrodeb said...

Carrie, the fine print is very specific that this is for a Business/Medical business/Non Profit account, not an individual account, unfortunately.

I was all excited too! Phooey~


Carrie @ said...


This is actually good for all checking.

You are looking at number 3, that is for the $2,000 reimbursed for ATM fees.

So, you are good on the $75 for a personal checking.