Monday, January 12, 2009

$50 Sharebuilder Bonus

If you have anxiously been waiting like me, for the next Sharebuilder are in luck!

This is my favorite company, as you can invest in stocks and get $50 back. Wow!

So, to kick off this method, why not invest in Sharebuilder?

Here are some details:

  • Complete your transaction, you can expect to get your free money within 4-6 weeks.
  • Click here to go Sharebuilder
  • Use Promotional Code CASH50
  • no minimum balances required
  • Individual, joint, custodial accounts available, to name a few

Once you are done, you are on your way to a free bonus plus you are the proud owner of some new stock!!


Carrie said...

hey, do you have to set up a new account? do you already have an account with them?

Claire said...

Can you do this deal twice? (ie if I did one in november_)


Carrie @ said...


I wouldn't. Even if it would come through, their site specifically says if they find people using the bonuses incorrectly, they can revoke them.

Not worth ruinging a relationship with them over it.

I have a post ready to go for hopefully, tomorrow, on another $50 bonus for those of us who already have accounts.

If you transfer $500 in...they will give you another $50. I have the code and details. So, stay tuned.

This is a great deal..and I am excited. It is almost always cheaper to invest thru ShareBuilder than Fidelity, Vanguard and the larger brokerage firms, etc. So, I have been sitting on money in our Money Market at Fidelity and am going to move it over.

$50 on $500 is 10%. Great Return on Investment. I am excited!

lperry95 said...

I recd. my email for my two custodial accts. that they qualified for the promo code using CASH50. However, with the other code I used, I didn't get an email about qualifying for the $50 promo. Oh well ... $100 is a good start.

Misty said...

Hey Carrie, your comment up there says there's $50 for a $500 investment....did you ever post that? I'd love to take advantage of that too!

Carrie @ said...

Soon, soon I will post it.

I am working with the advertisers for Sharebuilder on some logistics on my post before I put it out there.

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have all the details for you.

Karen said...

Got my $50 deposit this week. Thanks for the great info!

lperry95 said...

Recd. two $50 deposits this week in my custodial accts. Thanks!

Sandi and Jedd said...

TRADEUP50 only works for the $500 transfer, not for new account bonuses.


Sandi and Jedd said...

Gift50 is working today!!!


Anonymous said...

Gift50 is an expired code you will not receive the 50.00 per customer service