Friday, January 23, 2009

6 Free Photo Cards!

I was so thrilled the other day when I found out I could get 6 free photo Valentine's cards for free. And, when I mean free, I mean free! $0 Shipping even!

Above is the card I made with my daughter's picture. She is so excited to pass them out!

Want your free cards, too?

Click here and use code valentine

It took me no time at all to create these and place the order. I did have to enter my credit card information to check out, but the charge was $0, so nothing will hit.

Happy Valentine's Day Early!


Michelle said...

She's beautiful! What a gorgeous card, and free!

Valerie said...

Just an FYI -- I just clicked through the credit card info and it still worked without me having to enter any credit card info. I made an account for my husband as well, so I have two boxes coming my way for free!

Thanks for the idea!

natalie said...

So cute! Thanks! I just ordered some :)

Jenny said...

Cute! I ordered some the other day and just clicked past the credit card part.

I can't wait to get them!

cristy said...

Thanks for this. They are truly adorable.


I ordered mine. Thanks again for sharing great ideas!