Thursday, December 18, 2008

Huggies Jumbo Diapers for $2.78!! Kroger Deal!

Our local Krogers is running a great special on Huggies right now, and I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware! I always try to get my diapers when I can get them below $5 for a Jumbo pack, so to get them for $2.78 definitely was the right price for me.

Before I begin the deal, though. Here are some helpful links you may be interested in! I use all these methods to feed and buy necessities for my family of 5 for approx $50 to $60 a week. Although all methods may not be doable at your local store, make sure you take a good look at your store incentives, policies, etc. You may be surprised where you can save additional money!

And, now back to the topic on hand. CHEAP DIAPERS!

First, Kroger is running a promotion that if you buy $16 worth of Huggies products you get $3 Off

So, Huggies had many products on sale.

1. Buy 1 Huggies Jumbo Supreme pack at $9.99

2. Buy 1 Huggies Large Pack of Wipes ( not the 64 count...the very large one ) on sale for $5.99

3. Buy 1 Huggies Small pack of Wipes for $1.48

4. Use $1.50 Off Huggies coupon mailed to you from Huggies.

Note: If you are not subscribed to Huggies yet, click here. Make sure to sign up for all the newsletters to your "deals" email account. You get much better coupons in the mail directly from them. If you don't have the coupon above, there are $1.00 Off Coupons from Sunday papers past, that you should have. You will just pay 50 cents more. Still a good deal!


5. Use Shortcuts $1.50 Off coupon.

6. Use $1.50 Back eCoupon from Upromise. (use code 5Tylenol to get a $5 bonus if you are registering with them for the first time. Some report this code doesn't work, so if not...use code 3Glass for $3 )

7. Get $1.00 Back in Rebate from Caregivers Marketplace.

8. Get $1.71 off the pack of diapers from the $3 off $16 promotion from Kroger.

Note: I got this amount by taking the price of the diapers percentage of $17.47, which was the total spent for the 3 products. That was the closest I could get to $16. That is the percentage of the $3 that is allocated to the diapers I bought!

9. Final price? $2.78

Now, what did I end up paying for the Large Wipes? That was on sale for $5.99. I had a 75 cent off coupon ( doubles to $1.00 ) that Huggies mailed to me. The portion of the $3 from the Kroger promotion to be allocated to the wipes takes another $1.02 off. So, final price was $3.97

Then, the small wipes pack came to $1.23 after I took the money off from the $3 promotion from Kroger.
So, for $7.98 I got a Jumbo pack of Diapers, Large Wipes and small wipes.
Of course, you can work your scenerio out anyway that works for you with this promotion. I was OUT of wipes. I had been using washclothes, since this past I NEEDED to buy those. And, I didn't need a lot of diapers, since I just bought those Comforts Diapers at closeout a few weeks back.
Now, I am just waiting for the Walgreens Diaper sale again, so I can stock up! :-)

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Little Miss Know it All said...

Carrie, I couldn't find the $1.50 Shortcuts q, but I did find a $2/1 printable on Redplum!

Carrie @ said...

Great Q!

I think the problem with Shortcuts is you need to log in weekly to see what new coupons they have and load them to your card.

I loaded this Huggies coupon from Shortcuts weeks ago.

Then, the next week they aren't available for upload anymore, BUT they haven't expired.

Basically, you have to cruise thru their site weekly, pick the Qs you know or think you will use and upload them for future use.

That way, you hopefully don't lose out on any coupons you need.

Little Miss Know it All said...

There is one over at Cellfire for those who missed the Shortcuts one.

Carrie @ said...

Have you been able to get Cellfire to work?

I have been trying for the last month, filing disputes because none of the coupons come off, and have yet to see any money.

I finally called Kroger and they issued me a courtesy credit, but said it was a Cellfire issue.

They originally told me it should only be working in Atlanta..not here.

But, then customer service called me back and said it had expanded and they weren't sure why it wouldn't work.

Let me know if you are having luck. I want it to work...they have good coupons on there.

Shayna said...

Is Kroger the same as Fred Meyer? So can you use a shortcut coupon and MC coupon?

Carrie @ said...


Yes, Fred Meyer is part of Kroger.

Deals are often times regional, so check and see if they have the Huggies deal going on. If not, keep your eyes open. They may get it soon.

And, yes...Shortcuts and Manufacturer Coupons can be stacked. I get tons of free or almost free products this way. On top of that, Upromise eCoupons ALSO stack on top of those 3 coupons being used on one item.

You can stack any MC with any Electronic Coupon. You will love it.