Friday, December 19, 2008

Hurry! 2 Days Only! TWO Free 8X10 from Walgreens!

UPDATE: I just updated the correct code for the Snapfish/Walgreens promo. Sorry about that! Try again! New code is WALFREE...only one L.


On December 19th and 20th ( today and tomorrow), you can order a Free 8X10 from Snapfish if you pick it up at Walgreens!

Click here to place your order! Make sure to use code WALFREE

This would make a wonderful gift for Daddy or Mommy or Grandma or Grandpa! :-)

Click here to sign up first and get 50 free prints! If you are already a member, simply log in here.


Go to Walgreens here.

Upload your photo and order your 8X10. Enter code FREEGIFT when checking out!

Now, you have a 8X10 for each set of Grandparents! Just in time for Christmas!

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Angel said...

the snapfish code is NOT working for me, but I found a different one at baby gap if you vote in their contest you get a free 8x10

Kisha said...

Thanks--I had already ordered the one through Wslgreens, so I might as well get a second from Snapfish while I'm there! But the code is WALFREE--it didn't work with two Ls so I guessed at it and it went through. :)

Terri Peters said...

Hmm...I could get the one through the Walgreens site to work, but Snapfish wouldn't take that code.

Either way I got a free 8X10 - Thanks!

Kara said...

I tried the Snapfish one, and got this message: "Oops! We don't recognize the coupon code you entered. Please re-type it." At least I got one free 8x10!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks for the tips! The Snapfish code is actually WALFREE (one L).

Anonymous said...

The code WALLFREE isn't working for me. Is this happeneing to anyone else? The walgreens one worked fine, so thanks! : )

Shawna said...

Thanks so much! Perfect timing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh noes!

The girl behind the counter wouldn't let me pick two free ones up. She said only one per customer. Tried to tell her it was two different promos. Oh well, I will have to wait until they have another promo. Next time, I will send it to two different Walgreens. Thanks so much. One free is still one free. :)

Carrie @ said...

This is when it is time to email a "nice" complaint letter to Walgreens.

The clerk should have given you both photos. One was thru Walgreens and one thru Snapfish.

Many times when you bring these issues up with retailers, they will correct the issue.

Let us know what Walgreens say when you email them.