Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Prescription Coupons

Did you find the two Prescription coupons in the paper this last week?

If not, go to your Target ad and flip thru it. Towards the back, there is a $10 Gift Card coupon for NEW or TRANSFERRED prescriptions. Although this is a smaller amount then most, make sure to clip it out and put it with your coupon stash. Why? Most are not for NEW, so if you need to get a prescription filled out of the blue, you will want to head on over to Target.

In addition, Walgreens has their $25 for Transferred Prescriptions coupons on their ad again. Or, you can run in the front door of your local Walgreens and pick some up. I know this coupon is available online, BUT if you can get your hands on some hard copies, these are helpful.

For example, many other stores will match competitor coupons. Some will match competitor coupons, as long as they are not printed or from the internet. SO, to have an actual hard copy coupon can come in handy at another establishment. I used a hard copy of the Walgreens coupon at CVS last week and got a $25 CVS Gift card.

As always, you can find all prescription coupons listed under the Prescriptions Button in my left menu far or click here. This webpage will also explain how I make money off transferring my vitamins back and forth and filling my families prescriptions whenever we randomly need them thru the year.

Quickly, here is a recap of all Prescription offers I have listed:

My YTD earnings/savings thanks to this method is: $216

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