Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meijer $10 NEW or transferred Prescription Coupon

If you live near a Meijer, check your weekly circular or run into the front of the store to pick one up.

Our local Southern Ohio Meijer had a $10 Coupon for any NEW or Transferred Prescription coupon. The coupon will be issued when you fill your prescription and it is good for $10 off any $19.97 or more item.

This is obviously not the best coupon around, BUT it is the only one I have in hand right now for a New Prescription. So, these are good to hang on to in case a kid ( or you ) get sick and need to fill a prescription on short notice.

All the others out there that I have are only for transferred.

And, believe me, with Christmas coming up, I could find something for $19.97 and get it half off. Maybe another Barbie toy ( then free after rebate ). Hmmm...but as you can see, you could find something, I am sure.

Anyway, just a reminder to grab this coupon and stash it away. It expires December 13th.

I will post this on my Prescription page here. You can find all the Prescription coupons there, too, or just click the button in the upper left menu bar at any time.

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