Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remember, Voting is Important!

I know, you are confused. Didn't we already vote?

Well, yes.....yes, we did!

But, this vote does not require you to go stand in long lines, waiting impatiently for your turn!

Classy Mommy has a giveaway going on until November 30th for a free Wii. Yeah! What kid wouldn't want that, right? Including my own!

Have you voted for someone else already? No worries. You can vote for the people/sites you like, you just can't vote more than once per entrant ( which I take to mean...you can't vote for the same person more than once, but you can vote for multiple people. I have already voted for quite a few other ladies out there, since I love their blogs, too ).

Anyway, I just entered my name in the giveaway moments ago, and you will find it listed under my name with ( Money Saving Methods ) after it. So, if I have helped you in any way this year save or make some additional money for your family, please consider supporting me in this vote!

You can click here and hit the vote button. I SOO appreciate it.

At this point, I am so far behind...but it will still be fun to participate and see if I can move up the rankings at all.

In addition, you can enter the contest yourself...so make sure to check out the details while there.

Thanks for your support! And, I promise...if I win...I will lower your taxes!

Hmm...I think I may be getting carried away a bit here.


Nithya said...

Done :) Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

ACK! I am trying to vote for you but it keeps giving me a 404 error page!


Wendi P said...

Just voted. Good Luck. My kids love their WII!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! It let me vote!!!! :)

April said...

I voted for you. How could I not since I just mailed off my approval paperwork for my gas cards yesterday. Good luck!

Friends & Family said...

Carrie - just wanted to let you know that I've qualified for the $500 Visa offer that you recommended. I've learned lot's from it and made a few $$ mistakes that scared me! But all I need to do now is send in my final qualification form! Wish me luck.
Stacy www.texasczech.blogspot.com

PS - I'm addicted to your site!

monacutest said...

hey carrie!

i voted for you and andrea :)

way to go!


Andrea @ Mommy Snacks said...

So, you are the ONLY person I will vote for (besides myself of course). I'd be OK with you getting it considering I have $1,000 extra this year thanks to your tips :-)