Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to buy for Christmas Gifts?

Update: I have finally sat down and went thru the list to verify all these stores. I have linked the articles up to each store for you. In addition, here is a link that will go thru 33 stores and let you know the amount of stores closing, etc.

Well, probably not many Gift Cards this year.

I have always been one that "loves" gift cards if you can get them discounted. It really can be a great savings. And, with the Holidays quickly approaching, you will see many companies are offering incentives to buy their gift cards. For example, buy $100 worth of their gift cards and get a $20 free card.

But, this year, in particular, you really need to be careful when buying Gift Cards. Why? Well, many, many companies are struggling right now and could potentially close stores or go out of business. If that happens, gift cards are "lost" money to us, the consumers, if we, or the person we gave it to as a gift, doesn't use them in time.

On my nightly news tonight, they stated that with the closing of all Linens N Things, Sharper Image and Comp USA stores , they will have $1 Million....YES, you heard me...$1 Million in unused Gift Cards still out there. Oh my gosh! That is CRAZY!

If you have any of these cards....get to the store and use them! NOW!

Meanwhile, here is a list my sister-in-law, Meghan, emailed me today regarding stores that are in the process of closing or have closed thruout 2007/2008. Click on the link to read an article on any of the locations. Some you have probably seen disappear already in your area thru the year



If you have additional stores to add, email me.

I will post this on my Holiday Savings webpage ( you can find the button for this in the left menu bar ) for future reference.

I do still like Gift Cards, but I plan to only buy ones that I get a discount on and am going to use quickly OR that I know the recipient will be using quickly, too. Here is a great post from Clark Howard on the subject and how they hope to protect Gift Card holders in the future.

Happy and SAFE Shopping to us all! We definitely don't want to be included in that $1 Million Dollar in lost consumer money.

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Anonymous said...

This has been verified as being "bogus". The SEC does not have a division known as the Security Exchange, and does not keep track of store closings.

Carrie @ said...


Not sure I understand your comment about the SEC and the Security Exchange...or why they are related to this article and store closings?

I did go thru and link up posts to the store closing articles for these different stores...many of which have already closed.

So, this list should be pretty accurate. I did take out the amount of stores closing, as different articles had varying amounts. Hope the links help you out.

Carrie @ said...

can you repost the link you mentioned, too, as it is cut off. When I paste it to go read your article, it doesn't come back with anything. Thanks.