Monday, November 10, 2008

$50 Prescription Transfer Deal!, inc.

I was so excited when I saw this deal!

As you know, I have made a decent amount of money off of prescription transfers this year. Please click here to read my original post on the benefit of the many prescription transfer coupons available out there.

Not only are the useful for when the children need medicine periodically, BUT they are also a great way to make money ( if you have an insurance plan with a low out of pocket ) or to save money if you don't. This especially true if you have a prescription you need filled each month. And, don't worry if your doctor writes your prescription for 3 months at a time. You can ask the pharmacist to fill it one month at a time.

For example, I ask for a prenatal vitamin prescription for the year from my doctor, since I was taking women multi vitamins. Now, instead of paying each month for over the counter vitamins, I now get paid anywhere from $5 to $25 each month to get my prenatal vitamins filled. My prescription plan only requires I pay $5 for each prescription I get, for example, if I have a $30 transfer coupon, I make a profit of $25.

So...back to this deal. is currently offering a up to $50 Transfer Prescription deal on their site. Click here then hit the GNC tab across the top. Once you are on the new page, you will see the ad to click in the left side bar for the $50 credit details.

And, here they are:
  • Transfer a prescription to and get a $30 credit to use on non-prescription items ( don't forget, they have and GNC, too )
  • Get a $10 credit each time you refill your prescription, up to two times
  • Make SURE you transfer the prescription from the $50 credit button that you will find on their site. You canNOT go right to the pharmacy tab and place the transfer order.
  • The credit will appear within 3 weeks of the prescription shipping
  • Each credit must be applied to a single order ( so when you get the $30 credit, make sure you buy at least $30 worth of products.
  • Shipping charge is $2.99. So, I guess your credit is really worth more like $27! :-)

Don't forget, gives you FREE shipping on your first non-prescription order of $25 or more ( so that qualifies your $30 order ).

And, please use these links to get an even better with your deal.

New Customers: Receive $5 off $30 or $10 off $50 on your first non-prescription order! Offer ends 12.31.09.

I am very excited for this deal. I am going to use my $30 for either all my Free After Rebate items ( meaning I am making pure profit on check your rebate form pile ) and possibly products for lotions/etc for stocking stuffers/teacher gifts ( yes, I do have a lot of teachers to buy for....3 preschool, 1-1st grad, 4 Sunday School, Ballet ).

Also, check out my new prescription button in the left side bar. You can go there at any time to see all prescription coupons I am aware of at any one time, so you can hunt them down for yourself easier.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this new button. I just got 2 new scrips yesterday and was trying to find some q's so hopefully I can come up with something!

Mona said...

Hi Carrie,

I transferred a prescription last wednesday using the $50 credit button but I did not place the order since they still had to check with my insurance and they said that they will send me an email when the presciption is ready...

So today, they sent me an email saying that the prescription is ready and I can place the order.

Do you think I would still be qualified if I click on the $50 credit button and click on the shopping cart which contains the prescription?

Oh also, I would like to add, you can use to make the deal sweeter. :)



Carrie @ said...


Thanks...I forgot to look their Ebates.

I would have to assume if you click back thru the link again and go to the shopping will.

If you don't make sure to contact them and explain you originally signed up thru the link.

They should be able to track it back.

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