Friday, May 2, 2008

Wellness 360 Bonus Weekend!

Have you read my original post on Wellness 360? If not, click here.

Well, they keep sending me emails about different incentives they keep running. I swear, they really want to expand their user base, I think. Who are we to complain, though, right?

Now, they have a Bonus Button in the upper right hand corner above your points. They will be updating this with different items that you will get extra points for clicking and doing these activities. So, today I only stuck to that. In fact, I think when I log in once a week now, I will pretty much check my bonus button, and that is about all.

For me, the bonus activity was updating my Membership card, and that took me a minute. Then, the second bonus for me was the excercise chart...with videos to watch. So, I sat back and watched all these excercise video ( about a minute a piece ). After a few, I thought...hey, I should get my dumbells and at least be doing these excercises with them, while getting paid. So, I did.

All in all, I only spent about 15 minutes on their site and earned 110 points. OK..that really only equates to about $1.65, but it was quick AND I got a little excercise in.

But, the main reason I am posting about them again is that they are running a special right now, where you get $7.50 in points for EACH person you refer by May 4th! That is a pretty good deal in my book!

So, I know 15 of you have signed up under me from my last post. Now, it is time for you to recommend the site to a few people. Heck, for $7.50 a pop, I would tell my spouse, my mom, my dad and my in-laws to all sign up under me...even if they never do anything else with it ( is a good site, and hopefully they would grow to use it someday ) just to make a little extra money! Why not? It could pay for your entertainment over the weekend!

And, if you are new to Wellness 360, click here to sign up yourself...and THEN, ask your family to all sign up, too. And, if you have your own a little blurb on the company. You never know, others might find the advantages that Wellness 360 offers worthwhile, too, and they might also want to make a little extra money this weekend and each week!

By the reading? Go sign up! I can use that extra $15!!

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