Friday, April 4, 2008

Wellness 360 improves your Health and your Finances

Bumping back to the top!! Why? Starting tomorrow, it is double points weekend! So, for every click you do, you get double your normal points! I plan to take advantage of this and see if I can get to the $25 pay threshold this weekend ( I will let you know how long it takes me! ) :-)

I originally signed up for this company with the sole purpose of getting a $3 off $15 CVS coupon and a $30 transferred prescription coupon ( these are not available anymore...before you ask ) :-), and I noticed you could make a little money. You got points for entering information on your profile, updating your daily menu, etc, physical activity, etc. and that converted into dollars.
But, then I forgot about it. It appeared it would take too much time to even get to the minimum $25 payout level.
Then, iMommies posted on Wellness 360. It reminded me to log back in and see what I could earn. Again, I was intriqued, but didn't sit down to take much time to figure it out. I guess I should have!
Well, FINALLY, thanks to one of my readers, Karen, I took a good look at the company and used her advice. What did she tell me? Well, just as I knew, you got points for entering daily info, nutrition, excercise, etc. Her helpful hint that has allowed my earnings to skyrocket? Go to the search box and type a word in you are interested in. Anything! Then, when all the articles come up, click on them one by one and you get points, points, and more points!
For example, I typed in breastfeeding. I am still struggling to wean my youngest!! ( any helpful hints out there, let me know ). Sure enough, gobs of articles came up. So, first, I went through and clicked and READ the ones that were actually interesting to me. Then, I went back and clicked on the rest to get my points. Karen spent one hour working on Wellness 360 and made $21! Not bad at all!
Another benefit, you can send emails out to refer friends and you will get 25% of what they make. So, if others can use this service and want to make extra money, refer them. You can make a little bit, too!
And, one final note from Karen, she said they will make work out and nutrition plans for you, with calendar and video directions. They will do a analysis for your family, too, and give you your risk factors for disease.
So, whether you want more information on your health, need help with your nutrition and excercise, OR if you just want to make a little extra money reading articles, Wellness 360 is for you! Click here if you want to sign up and give it a shot, too.
One note from me, though. Although I have started logging in and earning money, I have not actually cashed out and received a check yet. As soon as I get my first check, I will make sure to post about it for everyone. Since I usually like to test everything first, before posting...I just want to give you a heads up that my test process is not completely finished yet! :-)


mom_of2boys said...

I had signed up for the coupons as well and the day after I received the email about referring friends to make money. They sent another email to let me know the check was in the mail. It was for $2, not bad when all I had done is print the CVS coupon.

Robin said...

I'm at that site now. Would you happen to remember how many points = how many dollars? I can't find that on the site. Thanks!

Carrie @ said...

Hi Robin,
Just by looking at my totals ( if you want to see your totals, click on the link on the right hand side under points that says Click here. It will take you to an overview that breaks it out by dollars. Based on my points and how much money I have, it comes out to 2 cents per point.
Thanks for the question!

Robin said...

Thanks Carrie! I'd not looked around enough. :)

Robin said...

Me again, :)
I just got an email that says they are doubling points earned this weekend. Yay!
Thanks again Carrie for all you share. I'm stepping up my efforts in hopes not to go back to my job in the fall (it doesn't pay that much so shouldn't be that hard to replace the income lol)