Friday, May 2, 2008

Valued Opinions Survey Site

Valued Opinions

Yet another survey site! Valued Opinion!

To be honest, I am BRAND new to this site. I just signed up last night, got my intro email and was registered for the raffle for the free iPhone. ( that would be fun to win ).

But, it appears similar to every other survey site. I did have to pick whether I would like to be paid in Gift Cards, Macy's Gift Cards, etc, etc. So, from what I could see, you don't get paid in cash. But, I could be wrong..I didn't look into the details to closely.

I picked Macy's, just because I figured it would be good to have on hand if I needed to pick up a gift for someone quick.

Also, read the comments below. Wonderful news! You get paid for screeners, too. And, we all know how much like that!

Now, I will just start checking my survey email box on Thursdays ( when I do the rest of my surveys ) and hope I qualify for some and earn some money! Love my survey sites! Don't you? Click here to read my original post on surveys.

If interested in signing up, too, click here. And, please come back and leave some feedback on this survey site as you begin using the program, too. Thanks!


Motherhood Moment said...

I'm currently a member at Valued Opinions. It's ok. I don't qualify for many surveys. It does pay a quarter for completing screeners, so at least you don't screen out and completely waste the time. The survey invites don't come as often as with other companies, either. Overall, I'd probably give it a 3 out of 5 if I were scoring it.

Kookaburra said...

I belong to Valued Opinions survey site too. I think it's one of the newer ones that I belong to. So far I've qualified and completed one survey for them and got $3.00 for it. Not bad. But I don't think they send me surveys that often... but hey, that's why it's good to belong to several survey sites.

Carrie @ said...

I am so glad to hear such good feedback.

I am especially excited they pay for screeners!!! I love companies that do that...and really get discouraged with those that don't.

Sounds like the only downside right now is that they don't offer a lot of surveys. But, this sounds like it could be due to them being a newer survey company ( at least I assume they are ) I bet this changes as they become more establishd.

Dana said...

I just signed up under you. I love survey sites and haven't heard about this one. Thanks for the info and for your great blog!