Monday, April 28, 2008

A New $200 Chase Bank Code - Gone

Email me quick if you want this $200 Code. Click here to shoot me your message. First person gets the code. Read my original post on the deal. And, don't forget, these extra bank accounts are great for small balances and to use with online offers ( so you don't have the worry of giving your banking account information out online ).

For example, are you interested in the free $25 from Revolution Money Exchange, but didn't want to enter your bank information? Click here for the original post. This is a GREAT reason to have another checking account with small balances in it. Because believe me, other great deals like RME will come along...they always do! I also use these extra bank accounts for paypal ( after someone broke into my account and charge over $1,000 ), Obopay etc.
Also, click here and here to read deals that Chase sends out once you set up your account. The money just keeps rolling in with them!

I am going to apologize to all of you who have emailed me previously on this, and I told you I would give you the next one.

I, in my stupidity, thought my mail offers had dried up since I signed up and did NOT think I would get any more since it had been so long, so instead linked you all to the $125 Offer. Click here to get on the $125 deal, if you aren't the first to email me. Remember to refresh after you get there, because you need a unique code. It will generate a new one.

So, I cleaned out my email recently and deleted all of the emails. So, I TRULY apologize.
Going forward, I will just post as new ones come in and won't be trying to track emails. First come, first serve per post.

Happy Banking!
Congratulations to Ann, who is on her way to becoming $200 richer!!

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