Tuesday, March 25, 2008

$10 Free from your Chase Bank Account

Did you sign up for the free $200 for a Chase Bank account when I last posted about it? If so, I just got a notice in the mail that I will get $10 free if I use my debit card as a credit card 10 times before the end of May.

As you all probably know from past articles, I am not a fan of debit cards. But, in this one instance, I placed my debit card in my wallet now. I am still NOT going to use it for most of my purchases, but I plan on making sure I use it at least 10 times before May. My plan is to split one item out whenever I am buying something and buying that one thing on my debit card ( that way it is only a couple cents to a few dollars ) and I will get a great return on those purchases. :-)

I don't want to use it for any large purchases, because I would probably be better off getting my high percentage back on my credit cards. Plus, if you remember, this checking account only has the minimum balance needed in it to get the $200 free. So, I don't want to deplete the balance in this account until I get my initial free money.

SO...if you signed up for the Chase Bank account, don't start using that debit card just yet! If you can hold off for a month or so ( which is about how long it has been for me ), I assume you will get the same offer in the mail stating they will give you $10 free if you start using your debit card as a credit card at least 10 times!

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