Monday, April 21, 2008

$25 Free from Chase Bank

Wow....this Chase Checking account is really paying off for me! Read my original post on opening up this free account and getting $200 free!

Although I don't have any more of the $200 free certificates to pass on, you can find $125 ones out there on the web. If you click here, you can get access to the sign up. If you refresh, it SHOULD give you a new, unique account number for yourself. You just want to make sure when signing up, that you see the confirmation that they are giving you the $125 bonus. It will appear on your screen, or at least mine did. Also, make a note of the number of your offer, so you have a record of it. In fact, I would suggest doing a screen print and saving it. Since I have not done this $125 online offer, I am not absolutely positive how it works..but I would have to assume similar to my hard copy offer did.

Please note: they will automatically send you a box of checks and charge you over $22 if you don't call them and tell them you don't want them immediately. Or, Marly or Andrea..I can't remember who ( thanks for the info ) said when she signed up, there was a box to check and say you didn't want the checks. Either way, make sure you opt out of the checks.

ANYWAY, if you read my other post, on the free $10 for using your debit card 10 will know I am taking advantage of that. Since I believe in using credit cards to get free money, it was not common for me to agree to use a debit card. BUT, I am only charging items under $1.00, 1o times. So, I am getting it free!

Here is what I am charged so far.

1. McDonald's - 99 cents ( we got my son a Sundae after his concert )

2. Ace Hardware - 60 cents ( I bought $9.99 of light bulbs and a pack of gum. I used a $5 off coupon, and a $5 Off Ace Coupon. My total came to 60 cents )

3. CVS Pharmacy - 27 cents ( I had a lot of ECBs on my last trip, but went over by 27 cents )

4. Walgreens - 38 cents ( I had register rewards that paid for all of my order except for this last 38 cents )

Anyway, I have 6 more transactions to go and I get my free $10! So, basically I will be getting paid for each of those purchases above. I am rambling. And, this is why!

Today, I got a letter asking me to pay 3 bills online and I will get $25 free in my account!

Well, OK..I sure will. I mean, if they want to keep throwing free money at me, who am I to complain. Right?

It was simple to do. I went in today and set up my Dentist. I just had to enter our account number and address then pay him the $12 we owed him for our visit. He will receive the payment in 5 business days.

So, as a couple more bills roll in over the month, I will pay them thru Chase that one time and get my $25! I am ONLY choosing bills that I would NOT get 6% back on my credit cards. So, this free $25 beats the 1% I would get for a Dentist bill, per say. 1% of $12 back would only have been 12 cents.

If you already have your Chase Acount set advice is....after initially depositing your money to establish it...don't do much else with it. Chase keeps sending these offers so that you will begin using the services they offer. It is a great way to make a little extra money! I have a feeling if you already begin using the services, they may not send these offers to you.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the link for the free $125 and it said you have to have direct deposit too. . . any other coupons that don't require direct deposit?

Carrie @ said...


Even the $200 offer you had to set up direct deposit, too.

How I did this.

My husband's check is still direct deposting into our High Interest Checking account...except I had just a little sent here. His company allows you to direct deposit to as many different accounts as you want.

I then move it out and back to my High Interest online. I think I set it up for $25. But, you could set it up for lower if you want.

You could set it up for a couple bucks, at least from the terms and conditions on the $200 offer...there is no minimum. You will want to read the T&C on the $125, but I am sure it is the same. Just make sure to verify.

Anonymous said...

Well, besides the checking, they also have a $25 bonus going on for savings recently: