Monday, April 21, 2008

Third Federal Mortgage Passport Rewards - Free $50 Home Depot Gift Card

My mail was full of good offers today. Don't forget to read all your junk mail daily, too. You wouldn't believe all the money you can make!
Today, I was invited to join the Third Federal Mortgage Passport Rewards program for free and get a $50 Home Depot Gift card.
So, I read thru the fine print and actually called the bank to get the details.
What it is, you will get an invite and be asked to join this program. Click here to see the site and read details.
They sign you up into this guaranteed loan program. This is NOT a loan, they do not give you a line of credit or anything. I asked specific questions to make sure they do not touch your credit report at all with hard inquiries or available credit. They do NOT.
All this is, is they have you in a program that if you ever...years from now...need a mortgage, 2nd loan, etc, you will be guaranteed to get a loan from them. They will also keep your rates 1/4 below the market rate, usually. It is basically a peace of mind program.
In addition, as a member, they will send you other free prize opportunities during the year. Sweepstakes, etc, as a reminder that they are available to use if you ever need a loan.
So, if interested in getting $50 free, too, I would suggest calling 1-800-THIRD-FED and asking if you could have an invite to the Lifetime Mortgage Passport Rewards Program.
I am unsure if they are able to process a request or not, but all you can do is ask for an invite and see what happens. If not, make sure to read all that mail. You might very well get your own invite!


jbubolz-miller said...

only for florida, ohio and parts of kentucky, but thanks for the heads up!

Lisa said...

I called and they wouldn't give me an invite. It was worth a shot though. Thanks

Carrie @ said...

Too bad. I agree...worth a shot for $50!

Anonymous said...

Is there a catch?

Carrie @ said...

No catch!

If you got an invite...definitely accept it.

I have been a member for over a year, and they send us free gift cards multiple times a year. I just got a $15 Barnes and Noble gift card in the last month.

They send us mailers every few months just to remind us of their rates and to think of them when we go to get a new mortgage someday.

I believe it is issued to those with excellent credit scores, as they are hoping to win us as their customers over time. They claim to offer lower interest rates than what we will find when we go to refinance due to being in this program.

So, I definitely plan to check with them when we get our next mortgage if and when we move.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying all the free money they send us via gift cards.