Thursday, March 27, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange Button - Yeah!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I am SOOO excited. Revolution Money Exchange is slowly advancing during their Beta Phase. They just added a sign up button! You no longer need to email me for an invite. Soon, I have high hopes that credit cards will be accepted. I can't wait!

And, just yesterday, I received my first payment through their site for some discounted gift cards I sold. I was so thrilled to actually be using this company for transactions and not just for all the free money they give us. The payment transfer went smoothly, just as paypal or Obopay does, but with no fees! I love supporting new companies that are so generous to us, the users!

Either way, click on the button above if you want to join Revolution Money Exchange and get your free $25. Don't forget to read my original post on the background on this company.

AND...for all of you out there who have signed up previously, if you have a blog ( or email ) go grab this button when you log into your RME account and stick it out there on your site ( or email signature ). You will get $10 for each person who clicks thru and signs up!

Don't forget, only 5 days left to get in on the $25 Gift Card Raffle, too. Sign up for Revolution Money Exchange ( above ) and Obopay ( below ) for free ( and get your $25 and $10 free, respectively ) and email me when you are done. I will add your name to the raffle. Unfortunately, I have no way of tracking RME sign ups, so I am relying on you all to honestly submit your name into the raffle. :-)

Sign up and get $10

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