Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring has Sprung! EXPIRED

Shop at - America's favorite garden center since 1849!Update 3/28/08: Looks like the coupon expired last night! I will bump this post back up to the top if I get any more coupons like this!

I LOVE spring! Love it with a passion! It is my favorite season of the year. And, one of the reasons is I love flower gardening. The whole back of my house is one large perennial garden, and I spend alot of time out there enjoying it. I have already been mapping out what I am going to dig up, rearrange, cut back, etc. In fact, I probably will have alot of extra cuts of flowers as I rearrange I may be giving some away! If you are local, I have a lot of beautiful perennials you can have for FREE! Keep checking back!

Well, with spring, I also know my Spring Hill Nursery garden magazines will begin arriving. I love Spring Hill. I may be partial, though, because I live near them and actually go to their real garden center in Troy, Ohio to buy flowers. Their products are beautiful!

Anyway, I always look forward to this time of year because they give a $20 off $20 purchase coupon. So, I have anxiously been waiting for it to arrive. So, if you love flower gardening as much as I do, here is what you need to do.......

First, go to Spring Hill.

Next, shop for your products. I have always been able to find products under $20, so this shouldn't be a problem for you. Please note: type in "one cent" in the search box and you will get all the one cent sale items.

What this means is that the price you see for the product will be one cent more if you double your order.

So, I bought the Clara Curtis Daisy at $5.99. For one cent more ( $6.00 ) I got 2 Daisies. I also got the Verbascum Mix at 3 for $12.99. For one cent, I got 3 more. So, it total, I spent $19 total. I know I was 1 dollar below the total, BUT...when you enter the coupon code, they simply only give you $19 off instead of $20. So, you don't have to be exact. If you go over, that is fine, too, they would just give you the full $20 then and you would need to pay the difference.

This is also a GREAT deal if you still haven't joined Ebates. Ebates gives you 8% back of your purchase price. SO, if you are new to Ebates, you will get an extra $10 to spend on flowers! Of course, this might not bring you to your $5.01 that you need to spend to get your check in May, but if not, they just roll your balance over to the next pay period. Just make sure when purchasing this through Ebates that you go over the $20 by at least a little bit to qualify for the free $10 sign on bonus, if you don't want to spend all $10 on flowers.

When checking out, enter coupon code 414465 and refresh your order. You will find the box to enter this on the left hand side after you have already typed in your address. BUT, before you have typed in your payment info. If you enter the coupon code on the first page, it won't take it. You should see the discount come off.

Then, finish the check out process. You will have to pay shipping and handling. So, my total for 8 flowers was $7.95 plus tax. Not a bad deal for flowers.

Please note: most of the time when I get their flowers, they look like...well...they look they have been in a box and shipped. BUT..don't worry. If you follow the directions and plant them as instructed, they become beautiful flower gardens. I would say by the 2nd year, they were flourishing!

AND, they have a lifetime guarantee. I have used this is the past. I bought 3 Day Lillies a few years ago. Two summers later, one of them didn't come up. I called Spring Hill Nursery, and they shipped a new one out to me, no questions asked!


Carrie said...

What great timing. I have a $25 coupon on $25 of products that I am planning to order soon. I now know that I can order it through ebates and use the $10 I haven't used yet.


GinaVA3 said...

I'm trying it now and I can't figure out how to get the $20 discount. It looks like that code expired yesterday!

Niki said...

this post rocks!

i'm gonna link back to my blog so I can share this deal with my readers.


thanks for sharing!

ohhollyf said...

I tryed this and the catolog code expired, too late.

Tonya said...

Hi Carrie, thought you should know, I went to try this deal today and the coupon code has expired. I am able to use 4129947 for half off, but not as great a deal.