Thursday, March 13, 2008

Free $25 Gift Card Giveaway!!!

To get everyone motivated to take advantage of the FREE $25 from Revolution Money Exchange and the FREE $10 from Obopay, I am going to have a $25 Gift Card Giveaway!! Woo, hoo! My first raffle since starting my blog...I am so excited!!!

To qualify, you must sign up with Revolution Money Exchange and get your $25 AND sign up with Obopay and get your $10 free. To sign up for Revolution Money Exchange, email me for an invite. You MUST sign up with the same email address that you have me send the invite to, or else it doesn't qualify. To sign up with Obopay, just click here. I also recommend you sign up for Text Pay Me and get your FREE $5, but I will not make that a requirement. :-)

Once you have signed up with both and the free money has hit your account ( it just has to hit your RME and Obopay don't have to withdraw it to qualify ), email me your name and the email you used for both, so I can verify you signed up and add your name to the raffle. I will send you an email back verifying I have you in the drawing.

I know many of you have already signed up for these accounts upon my recommendation earlier, and you DO qualify. So, email me today so I can verify and add your name to the basket now!!

Then, at the end of March, I will have my 5 year old son pull a name out of a basket and they will win the $25 Gift Card!! You can click here to see what gift cards I have available. Just scroll down in the post to see the LONG list of merchants! Please remember, I may be out of stock of one you request, so have a list of a few that you would like. If I can't get your 1st choice, I can hopefully get your 2nd or 3rd choice!

Good luck to everyone!! And, enjoy your FREE money!!


kelly said...

bummer, Obopay is not available to Virginia residents. oh well...

Carrie @ said...

Email me directly! I hate for you to not get in on the drawing for something outside of your control. I just want to understand what Obopay told you, so I can adjust the rules for all Virginia residents.