Thursday, March 13, 2008

Obopay Referral at $10! Expired!!!!

Sign up and get $10

OK...I see nothing on the Obopay site about this extra $5 ( making it $10 ) for referrals. But, yesterday and today, I got $10 both times a new person joined???

So, if you haven't signed up, referred your spouse/significant other and had them sign up may be a good time!!

There are no guarantees you will see the $10, too...but well, it is worth a try, right? And, don't forget to tell your other friends and your will get $ everytime they sign up, too.

So, the break down would be...$10 sign on bonus for you, $10 ( or $5 ) referral bonus for your other, and then, they would get a $10 sign on bonus, also. Potentially, you could get a total of $30 for signing up for your family. $25 would be the least you would get!

Please click here and here to read my 2 previous posts on how to sign up and get your money from Obopay.

And, if anyone tries this tomorrow...can you please post here to let us know if you are getting the $5 or the $10 referral? Thanks!

Update 3/13/08: As of today, a few of you have signed up and I am showing I will still get $10 for referring you ( although the website is still saving $ I still don't know what is going on ). So...the $10 is still in place today! Fun, is always nice when they give extra money away!

Update 3/15/08: The referral credit was back down to $5 today. I am not sure what happened, but I guess some of us got in on some special $10 referral deal for a couple days.


Kyle said...

They have $10 for referral up on their webstie now. I may ahve to check into this. How does it work, is it similar to PayPal?

Carrie @ said...

Kyle...yes, it is. I actually have my eBay customers use Obopay, if they will. I would say 2 out of 10 of my buyers will use it.
You sign up, and can load money from your checking/savings or a credit card. To get the $10 free, you need to load and send some money. So, if you are signing up your wife, sign her up from your referral, load some money on your account...transfer it to her, and you will get $10 free for signing up and $10 free for referring her. Then, she needs to load some money and can send it back to you, and she will get $10 free, too. Easy, free $30.
Then, if you sell on eBay, you can ask if they want to get $10 free and pay you thru Obopay.