Monday, March 31, 2008

March Ending Reminders!

First, don't forget today is the LAST day to enter my $25 Gift Card Raffle. My son will be drawing the name tomorrow, so look for the announcement Tuesday sometime!

What must you do?

  1. Sign up for Revolution Money Exchange and get your free $25
  2. Sign up for Obopay and get your free $10
  3. Email me once both are completed so I can add you to the drawing
  4. Get an email response back from me confirming your entry

Instructions for Revolution Money Exchange:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
  1. Sign up FREE and link your bank account.
  2. Once completed, your free $25 will be deposited into your RME account and you withdraw it.
  3. Your money should hit your bank account in approx 3 days

Instructions for Obopay:

Sign up and get $10

  1. Sign up FREE.
  2. Load $1.00 from a credit card ( is faster ) or a bank account ( takes about 5 days ).
  3. Transfer 90 cents ( they charge a 10 cent fee ) to anyone you know with a cell phone. They do NOT have to already be an Obopay can still transfer them the money.
  4. Meanwhile, you will still want to link your bank account so you can withdraw your money.
  5. $10 free should hit your account 1 day after you transfer the 90 cents.
  6. Withdraw the money to your bank account

Also, don't forget today is the last day to get $10 free from Ebates!! You simply need to open a new account and make a purchase, to get the $10.

  1. Entertainment Book. It comes out to be almost free or very cheap ( mine was free, my mom paid about $4 for hers ). You get the $10 free for Ebates and $6 free for buying the book from Ebates. Total back is $16 minus your cost of your local Entertainment Book...which are on sale for 50% off right now. Good Deal

It is also time to pull all those expired coupons!

  1. Donate them to the Armed Forces. They are able to use expired coupons a couple months after the date. Click here to get details on sponsoring a base.

And, time to donate all your Free Donations! I liked to clear mine out once a month.

  1. Send in all the Box Tops, Tyson Labels, Campbell's Labels, Pop Tops, Old Cell Phones, etc you have collected. Add it up, so you can track how much you are benefiting the organization. AND, even if you have no kids or grandkids, still try to collect these beneficial labels. It is a benefit to you, too, when your area schools are thriving!

Finally, get all your paperwork together to send in your month ending rebates....for me, this is Walgreens. I stuck mine in the mail today! You do have until Saturday, but I find it easier to remember if I just know I need it all sent in by the end of the month.

Hope these month end reminders find you enjoying all the money you saved or earned this month! I earned and saved $1,438! How did you do?

Keep up the good work and make sure to track your numbers next month, if you didn't already. The numbers can really keep you motivated!


Lillian said...

i could only add a minimum of $10 using my credit card on Obopay

Carrie @ said...

That is strange. You may want to contact customer support at Obopay.

As of last week, I and others were able to add any amount we wanted. And, I just read their terms and conditions again for you and it said that you can add any amount ( and it said whether that be $5 or $500 )

So, based on that statement, I believe you should be able to add ANY the very least...$5.
I will be curious to what they say. In fact, I am going to contact them on the sign up bonus anyway.

Evelyn said...

I signed up for Ebates around Mar. 25th. Anway, I got $10 for signing up. Then I got $15 for TIVO. SO total was $25. Yesterday, I checked my total and it was $20. What happened? Did you get money for my referral?
Was it the correct amt.? I emailed them and I have not heard from them. Is there a certain area to email? Does it usually take a few days to hear from them? Thanks