Wednesday, March 5, 2008

$5 Free from Amazon & Text Pay Me

Since so many of you enjoyed the free $10 from Obopay and the free $25 for Revolution Money Exchange, I thought you might want to jump on board with the Text Pay Me beta offer. They are currently offering $5 free to any new members.

Text Pay Me is powered by, so it is also a legit company. And, in fact, I used them back before they were associated with Amazon. So, I have personal experience with them. And, I highly recommend them!

They are set up very similarly to Obopay. You load money from a credit card or a bank account and you can text the money via your cell phone OR log into their website, like paypal, and send the money.

While in their Beta phase, there are no charges to send and receive money. So, that is nice.

Although Text Pay Me does not offer a referral credit right now ( Obopay offers $5 per referral and Revolution Money Exchange offer $10 per referral ), I still recommend getting your free $5! And, if you have a spouse or anyone else with a cell phone living in your home, they can register and get $5, too. That could potentially be an extra $10 for your household.

It was pretty simple to do. I set up my account, they sent me a confirmation email. I clicked on it. They also send a text message to your phone with a cofirmation code, which you then need to enter online. You finally needed to link a bank account, which took me seconds and then the $5 showed up immediately.

I chose to withdraw it into a $5 Amazon Gift Certificate. Only because I have two $5 Gift Certificates I have won off of Blingo, and I am getting ready to buy something off of their site...and needed a little extra Amazon money. :-) But, you can chose to get it as cash, too.

As always, feel free to email me or post comments if you have questions on any part of the process.


Andrea said...

Carrie - yet another great tip!! I just created my account today. After I entered my bank information, I requested my amazon gift card, then went back in to delete my bank info/verification since they wouldn't need it to deposit my $5. Thanks again!

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