Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free $10 Gift Card from Kroger - Check your receipt

If you have been to Kroger in the last week, you may have noticed on the bottom of your receipt, a few questions to fill out to apply for a Kroger Rewards Credit Card. If you fill out those few questions and take it to the customer service desk, they hand you a $10 gift card on the spot ( it should state this on the receipt too )! Great deal!

Here are a few notes:

  • They claimed you just cut the card up when it arrives and don't activate it if you don't really want one of their credit cards. Easy enough!
  • I did ask my typical questions, which were, " Does it hit your credit score? " and if you don't activate it, "Do they still show a soft inquiry on your credit report?"

The manager said if the invite shows on the bottom of your receipt, that you are pre-approved, so he did not think they did an inquiry of your credit ( somehow I find that hard to believe, but OK...if he says so ).

So, choose as you may. I have no definite answer on the soft inquiry to your credit report, as I don't feel confident in the answer he gave me. I decided to take the $10 for myself. I monitor my credit score regularly, and it is I figured one little soft inquiry wasn't going to hurt me much. And, I have no plans in the near future for a large purchase ( house/car ) where my credit score will affect my interest rate, so I felt OK with my decision.

But, I did want to pass this deal on to you, in case you want to walk out of Kroger this week with a $10 gift card in hand!


Evelyn said...

How do you check your credit score? So much to learn and I have always been good at money. sigh I am in my late 40's and the world went elctronic while I homeschooled my kids. I'm behind but running to catch up.

Carrie said...


No problem. Go to You are allowed to get 1 free credit report from each agency a year. Which means, you can get it 3 times a year.

So, I have it on my calendar to check every 4 months! I would love to find a way to check it more for free, and if I find a way...I will let you know.