Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Excellent Award

First of all, I would like to send a heart felt "thank you" to Jennifer at Getting Ahead for nominating me for this award. It is so wonderful to know others are enjoying my blog. Although I started it last fall, I didn't really start blogging daily until the middle of January and I really appreciate all the comments, emails and now this!

Now, the rules state I get to pass it along to 10 of my favorite blogs and nominate them. So, here are my top picks! I LOVE these sites, and many have been mentioned previously in my posts. They are listed in no particular order.

  1. Mommy Snacks - Andrea gives all her latest finds, deals, coupons, etc as little "snacks". Her freebie finds, she calls "zero calories". She let's you know when you need to " get them while they are hot." Love it!
  2. Carries Cooking - Carrie's site gives you a break out of what meals to cook daily, reminders of what meat to pull out of the freezer the day before or any other helpful tips regarding cooking. We usually cook 1 to 2 of her meals a week, and they are DELICIOUS! Try the baked ziti...yum!
  3. Freebie 4 Mom - Heather keeps me up to date ( daily ) on what freebies & samples are available. And since following along on her blog, I find goodies in my mailbox each week. It is a lot of fun, I swear.
  4. Hooray for Free-bates - Where Heather comes through for me on freebies, Lorelei does the same for me with rebates. If you check her site, she lists all rebates that will either give you a free product or make money.
  5. Josh Clark - I have followed his blog for, well, is it years already? In fact, I am a board supporter ( yeah! ), which means I have donated to him in the past. If that doesn't tell you how valuable his information was for me, nothing will! He has really helped me find great online offers and has a lot of helpful hints on how to complete them. Plus, he has a great Forum. Check it out!
  6. Compare Rewards - I just stumbled upon this site recently. And, it is WONDERFUL! This site explains many different reward sites, the benefits, the pitfalls, etc. What a valuable website for me. I am so excited to keep reading daily. You will be seeing a lot of references to this site in upcoming posts.
  7. Rather-Be-Shopping - I love this site, first, because a Daddy manages it and blogs. So many of the sites I find are Mommys. Kyle has every coupon you could want! It is amazing. So, check him out! But, when you go to his site, don't forget to click on his New Blog tab, too. He is really an interesting writer, and I find myself giggling as I read some of his posts ( sorry Kyle, if they aren't meant to be funny ).
  8. Who Am I - I stumbled upon Marly's site, because I noticed she was driving readers to me. Who was she? I had to know...well, I know nothing really, except that she is funnier than even Kyle ( sorry again Kyle ). Her site is just a great read for me, when I need a smile during the day. Her blogs are usually short, to the point, and just plain FUNNY!
  9. iMommies - Another great site with a little bit of everything. Freebies, Giveaways ( don't forget to get in on her Ipod Giveaway ), Entertainment, etc...it is a well rounded site!
  10. Pretties Bows and Accessories - Stacy is using her blog to sell her handmade bows for little girls. They are beautiful! My daughter has about 15 of them! I love them. If you have a little girlie girl, go visit Stacy! You won't be sorry.


Carrie said...

It is great it is to be reconized for all the work you have put into your site. You really do a great job.

Thank you for nominating my site!

Andrea said...

Carrie - congrats on your nomination! I would give you ten of them for all the info you've already given to me!!!

Thanks for nominating my site!

Kyle said...

How cool, your site definetly deserves this distincition! Thanks for the nice words and the nomination of my site!! And yes, some of my blog posts are suppose to be funny. :-)

Marly said...

What a well-deserved nomination! The knowledge and skills you pass along on your site are a God-send. Your helpful ideas have been a big part of our unfortunate "lifestyle change" lately.

And thank you so much for passing a nom to my blog as well. You totally made my day!

Jennifer @ iMommies said...

Thanks, Carrie! I love your blog - I'll definitely be visiting often! Thanks much for the nomination!