Tuesday, March 25, 2008

$25 Gift Card Raffle - 1 week left

You have until March 31st ( next Monday ) to enter my $25 Gift Card giveaway. Click here to read my original post and for links to the gift cards you can choose.

And, this is also the expiration date for the free $25 from Revolution Money Exchange. If interested, please email me for an invite.

Many of you have signed up, and I am so excited for you!! This means you already got at leats $35 in free money...if not more. And, you are now eligible to possibly receive the free $25 gift card!

REMEMBER, you MUST email me back with your submission once you have signed up for both Revolution Money Exchange and Obopay and gotten your free $25 and $10, respectively. Many of you have signed up for both, but I do not have you in the drawing if you haven't emailed me. Unfortunately, I cannot verify thru RME who signed up and who didn't, so I must get the email from you.

I will email you back confirming your entry.

Good luck everyone!

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