Thursday, February 14, 2008

Want a Valentine's Gift for Free? $10 Today on Ebates!

I hope you have read my article already on Big Crumbs. I love this site! I get money back everytime I shop online. And, I especially like that I get money back on Ebay purchases. I have yet to find a site that compares......

well...until now!

Ebates is very similar to Big Crumbs. It is the same concept. You log into their site, find your store, then click on the link. It will then take you to the EXACT store you could have gone to on your own. BUT...the catch? They give you a percentage back for clicking thru their site first.

So, why pass up free money when shopping online! Although Ebates does not have Ebay, it does have other stores that Big Crumbs does not. And, the surprising thing...some stores give a higher percentage back on Big Crumbs, and other stores give a higher percentage back on Ebates.

So, my recommendation?

First, click on Ebates now and sign up! If you do, they are giving you a $10 sign up bonus ( usually it is only $5 ). The catch? You need to make a purchase today, too. So, I am heading over to Old Navy to buy some socks that cost less than $10! Luckily, I actually need new sport socks, as mine all have holes in them, so this works out great for me. Freebie!

If that isn't what you are looking for, head on over to Mommy Snacks for some more ideas on what you can get for free today with that $10!

Second, if you haven't already, click here to sign up for your Big Crumbs account!

Then, going forward...if you are ever buying ANYTHING online...log into your Big Crumbs and Ebates account to see if your store is listed and who is giving a higher percentage back. Then, click on your site and shop!

What are the other differences?

1. Ebates pays every 3 months and only if your balance is over $5.01 ( does not include this free $10) vs. Big Crumbs pays every month, even if your cash back is only 50 cents.

2. Ebates gives you a $5 bonus for every friend you recommend vs. Big Crumbs adds your friends underneath you. So, although you do NOT get $5 up front, you get a percentage back of every item they ever buy.


Andrea said...

Hey Carrie, I'm gonna sign up for Big Crumbs too - but do you know if they require you make a purchase within a certain period of time of opening your account? I know ebates does - if you don't make the purchase within X period of time, you don't get the bonus and neither does the referrer. I want to make sure it benefits you when I do sign up!

Carrie said...

No...there is no requirment at all. Once your account is open, it can set there forever. It is a real nice service!