Friday, February 8, 2008

Triple Extra Bucks at CVS

I had an email from CVS a few days ago and it had a link to a coupon for triple extra bucks rewards!!! Click here.

So, I wanted to pass this link along. What do you do? Print this coupon, and when you go to CVS this week, have them scan it at the beginning of your order with your CVS card. Then, you can throw it away. By scanning it just once, all future purchases until March 15th will be tripled to 6% back. So, when your quarterly Extra Bucks print, instead of 2%, it is increased to the 6%.
Please note the exclusions: Extra Bucks on specific items advertised in newspaper and in-store circulars, product packaging, shelf displays and signs.

You probably won't make much on this if you are shopping the CVS sales, BUT, in my book....a penny saved is a penny earned! So, I will take every little bit they want to give me. Even if it is a small amount.

Also, please note: if you haven't registered on the CVS site yet, do so now. They will give you a $4 off $20 coupon. Print that out, and use it on your next $20 purchase. Have them scan it first, then manufacturer coupons and then pay with the extra bucks you have accumulated last!
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