Thursday, April 1, 2010

Earn Money when you Print your Coupons

New to saving for your family via Grocery savings? Click here to read how I get my coupon/sale match ups and save my family thousands of dollars each year.

Well, since some new coupons have been loaded to their database, I thought it was a great time to share how to earn when you print your coupons!

Earn when you Print

In the past, you have heard me tell you that you can print your coupons ( and SmartSource ) thru My Points and earn points when you print and redeem them. These points are then used towards gift cards, etc.

But, if you didn't know...Inbox Dollars also pays you to print and redeem your coupons. For every 10 coupons you print/redeem, you earn $1. This means each coupon you print will be worth 10 cents more when you redeem it!

Since you can print each coupon twice, this means you only really need to redeem on 5 different products. And, it is for every 10...over and over again. So, if you redeem many more, your earnings could grow.

If you aren't familiar with Inbox Dollars yet, it is a great site. You can read my original review of it here.

You can sign up or login in here to print the new coupons from Inbox Dollars. Plus, you get a $5 sign on bonus if a new member! Once on their site, click the Grocery Coupons button on the left side of the screen.

Don't forget to sign up with My Points here , too, if you haven't already. Remember, you earn points when you print from their site. Since Inbox Dollars only has, I would also sign up with this company to earn when you print your SmartSource coupons.

If you would rather just print directly from and not earn when you print, you can go here.

What is a great deal you can get at Kroger this week with a Coupon?

Make Money on Betty Crocker Potatoes

At Kroger this week:
  • Buy 3 Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes at $1 each - $3 Total
  • Print/Use 2 Betty Crocker Potato 40 Cent Off Coupons at Inbox Dollars here or print them directly here. These double to 80 cents each.
  • Print/Use Betty Crocker Potato 40 Cent Off Coupons at Smartsource here via My Points
  • Get $3 back per their current Catalina deal ( read more here on Mommy Snacks )
  • Pay 60 cents Out of Pocket ( $3 total minus $2.40 in coupons )
  • Earn $3 Catalina
  • Earn 20 cents on Inbox Dollars and points on My Points
  • Make $2.60 plus points

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Debbie (NDM #129) said...

Hey Carrie,

Thanks for the tips on Inbox Dollars. Quick Rewards also pays for printing coupons from their site; however, they only pay a penny for every coupon redeemed (the last time I checked).

I've really just about quit using the reward sites because they take so long and the rewards are minimal (even though I have gotten a lot of gift cards thru them).

If Inbox Dollars is going to pay me a dime instead of a penny, I may check the out!

Thanks for the heads up!

Carrie @ said...


No problem. I have never used Quick Rewards. I will have to check them out.

But, you are right, 10 cents per coupon is much better than a penny. That would take a while to earn.

Printing at a dime a piece is definitely for those who are already printing their coupons from and smartsource.

If someone is already using those two sites, it would be great to get another dime off per each for printing from the same site.

Thanks for the heads up on Quick Rewards, too. Can't wait to go check it out.

Katie said...

Carrie, how do they know when you have redeemed the coupon, or do they just assume if you print it, you redeem it??

IDZADM said...

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