Thursday, March 4, 2010

$45 Check Received - Earning with Inbox Dollars

I haven't talked about Inbox Dollars in a long time, nor any other programs like it. But considering I received a check today for $45 in the mail from them, I figured it was time to share how they work with new readers and those that may not have participated yet.

On top of that, I am starting a specific web page for Online Earning Sites, so every one can read more about them. Look for that soon!

To give you a quick intro to these sites, here is what many of them include:

  • Earn $ Reading Email Ads they send you ( make sure to set up a separate email for these types of sites )
  • Earn $ Taking Surveys
  • Earn $ Shopping ( similar to Rebate Shopping Sites )
  • Earn $ Completing Offers ( similar to Online Offers, but you earn per offer you complete instead of a lump sum for all the offers )
  • Earn $ Referring your Friends
  • Earn $ Playing Games Online
So let me introduce you to Inbox Dollars, if you are not already a member.

Inbox Dollars

First, when you register for free with Inbox Dollars, you automatically get $5 free in your account. I always like when companies give you a welcome bonus!

Once you are registered, you will begin to receive 2 to 3 emails in the account you input on you registration page. They try to match the advertisements they send you to your interests. Simply click on a button showing you read the email, and your account will be credited. You can earn between .01 and .10 per email you read, depending on the particular email.

Cash Offers are another way to earn at Inbox Dollars. If you click on the button for Offers on the site, you will find multiple choices. Each offer will have the dollar amount you will earn directly under it, so you can determine if it is worth it for you. For example, you can sign up for Weather Channel downloads on your computer and will earn 25 cents for that offer. Or, sign up for Columbia House and get $10. There are many choices.

Surveys daily valued at $.50 are another way to increase your cash balance if you qualify. You can log in and go to the Take Survey button to find each days survey.

Shopping is available for cash back, and Inbox Dollars is another great site to compare against all the Rebate Shopping sites when you shop.
Get paid to play games. If you are someone who currently plays games online, you can earn while you play.

Refer your Friends and get 10% of their survey, offers, games and shopping. earnings. This is for the lifetime you are a member, so this is recurring earnings as your friends use Inbox Dollars.

Once your account balance reaches $30, you can request a check be mailed to you.

To begin earning with Inbox Dollars yourself, click here to join.

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Cristy said...

I do not have a blog, so the referrals does not help me much. However, I have patiently been reading their emails and doing some of the surveys, and after about 8 months am just a few cents away from the $30. It is a nice program to do a supplemental. I do a few of these programs and they are all about to hit around the same time. So that will nice as well. Thanks for all the information.

lynn cook said...

i love inbox dollars it's easy to do takes very little time and i just got a 51 dollar check, well worth the effort, i reccommend this one.

Pauline said...

I also have been reading inbox for about 8 months and was excited to hit the $30 mark only to find out there is a $3 processing fee. That really disappointed me I will quit this program after I get my money. I don't like those hidden costs. I think I can make out better with other programs. Thanks

Kristin said...

I too had signed up for Inbox Dollars. I stuck with it to finally get enough to cash out just to discover the $3.00 "processing fee". Yes, they "give" you $5, but then take most of that away when you try to cash out. If I'd known about that fee, I probably wouldn't have wasted my time.

Will you please mention in your entry about Inbox Dollars that there is that processing fee so others can decide if they want to deal with that before signing up? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I heard that if you wait until you get to $40 for payment, the $3 fee is waived. I just hit $30 so I will wait and see.