Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mystery Shopping - A Top Shop

Don't forget to check all your Shopping company sites boards. Today is the beginning of a new month, and I have seen a lot of shops coming through today!

Welcome to my weekly post on Mystery Shopping. Every week, I strive to bring you a new company to add to your shopping list!

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This week I would like to introduce you to a company called:

A Top Shop

Anyone need any plumbing done? Seriously, this company even offers plumbing companies.

On top of that, they offer restaurants, hotel shops, movies and just plain retail shopping.

The sign up process for this shop was very short and straight forward, which I liked. And, it only took me a matter of moments to access my new account.

To join A Top Shop yourself, click here.

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AshleyOney said...


Thanks for the great recomendations! I have been looking to get some extra cash and was always worried about which sites are legitimate.

Ashley (theblogfrog)

Carrie @ said...


No problem. There are so many great companies, and it is just so fun to secret shop!

My whole family loves it. Even my 7 year old gets into it when we are doing restaurant shops.

He will tell me how many light bulbs are burned out, etc. :)