Tuesday, April 13, 2010

$2 Entertainment Book

I have been waiting and waiting for a great deal on the Entertainment book this year, and nothing has grabbed me until now.

First, if you remember I introduced Inbox Dollars to you recently. It is a great program that allows you to earn in numerous ways. You can take surveys, read emails, sign up for offers, shop online, and PRINT coupons ( yep, that is right ).

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Well, usually the best deals you find come via the two or three emails they send you daily. And, today was one of those days.

They send me an email stating the Entertainment Book has been reduced to $15 with free shipping. Plus, they will give you $8 back. This brings the price down to $7. Plus, if you are new to Inbox Dollars, you will get another $5.00 for signing up. Now you have paid $2 for your book. ( Note: you cannot cashout until you reach $30, so make sure to use this website often ).

On top of that, if you agree to to the Auto Renewal program, you get an additional $5 off your book today. They then send you a reminder ( although mark your calendars now ) a month before your auto renewal book will send and you can either choose to continue or cancel the auto renewal before the 2011 book ships.

If you cancel, their terms state they will bill your $5 back to your credit card. But, when I have done this in the past I did not get charged that $5 back. All you can do is try. If they charge it back, you are just getting the $5 back you originally saved. If you get to keep the $5 savings, you then will actually make $3 on the book.

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But, what about those of us who were already members of Inbox Dollars?

Send Earnings

Well, I had heard that Send Earnings is their sister site and set up basically the same. SOO, I signed up to see if I would get the same offers in my email. Sure enough, it is almost a mirror image.

I got the $5 sign on bonus, and then just tonight....I got the same $8 cash back offer for the Entertainment Book. That means I get the book for $2 now, too!

And, the same earning opportunities apply. You can earn every time you print Coupons.com coupons, take surveys, shop, refer friends, etc, etc, etc.

Sign up for Send Earnings here.

Once a member of Inbox Dollars and/or Send Earnings you will get your free $5, then watch and read your daily emails. The best deals come thru there weekly. Keep your eyes open for the Entertainment Book email to hit your inbox, too and get the additional $8 back. I can't promise they will send it again, but I do often see deals like this come thru a few different times.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention, that I bought the Entertainment book last year with the Auto Renewal program. When I canceled it last fall, I did get charged the $5 that I saved earlier that year.

Lauren S said...

When do the coupons expire? I saw that the new one comes out in Aug/Sept, so I want to make sure there is enough time to actually use the 2010 coupons.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


MOST ( not all ) expire around November every year. So, there is usually an overlap.

Anon, I did hear of some people being charged back. So, it is a hit or miss I think. I would say it is only worth doing if it is someone who REALLY stays on top of all their cancellations, etc on their calendar and is will to take the chance for the $5, since it is not a guarantee.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Oh, and if anyone actually got the book for 2010 ( I didn't, because this is the first great deal I have found ) can you verify the coupons expire in November again this year for Lauren?

Lauren, if nothing else I will update these comments when my book arrives and I actually see the coupons for this year.


Lauren S said...

I actually googled it, and it said on their website that most expire in November.