Wednesday, April 7, 2010

$20 Amazon GC Free - Still Available

Dear Carrie,

As a thank you for registering with us, here is a $20® gift code.

Did you see what came in my email today?

Woo, hoo! I immediately logged into Amazon and entered my $20 gift code they emailed me and now am ready to spend it.

I originally signed up on March 1st, and the $20 arrived on April 7th. So, that only took a little over a month.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get the additional $20 ( the St. Patty's promotion ) since my bank was not listed on their promotion. Oh, well. I'll take my $20!

If you signed up last month, begin checking your email. Your code should arrive anytime now.

Didn't get to take part last month? No worries! They are still running the promotion. Click here to read my full post on how to get your $20, too.

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Erica said...

Hi, Carrie! How do you know that you don't get the extra $20? I got my initial $20 amazon code today, too, but no word on the additional $20 for adding my bank account. (I'm only $60 away from my Kindle! whoo!)

Faith said...

Where do you sign up for this?

Faith said...

where do you sign up for this?

Carrie @ said...


When I went to enter my bank account during the promotion, I clicked on Other ( because my bank wasn't listed ) and it wouldn't take me to the form to fill out my info. So, I was never able to finish it.

If you entered yours, it should be there.

When you get your kindle, will you let me know what you think. I am really debating getting one.

And, since you must like to read...any recommendations on good books. I hit the library today to grab some, but I really need some great reads!!!

Carrie @ said...


Are you signed up with Lightspeed Panel yet?

If you are and didn't get the link for Consumer Say, go to my full post ( I link it in the post above ) and on the original post there is a link for a form to fill out that will send me your info and I can send you the link for the new panel if you didn't get it.

g33k in p1nk said...

I'd like an invite to consumer say too, I sent my email to you. =)

Anonymous said...

Make sure you read what they are asking for in exchange for a $20 gift certificate code.

Also I was told it takes about a month before they send out those gift certificates.

Greg said...

Hi -- you can join here:

Good luck!