Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hot Survey Opportunities & New Survey Site - FGI Smart Panel

Today was a great day for my survey email inbox. Hopefully most of you logged into your accounts today, too.

If you have taken surveys for a few years like me, you know the highest paying surveys are those that give you access to online research panels. These panels usually last a few months on various topics. You log in a few times a week to answer some questions in a panel board with other participants and they pay you each month.

Usually, I am paid either via Paypal or Amazon gift certificates. Pay depends on the panel, but in the past mine have ranged from $5 to $20 a month depending on how many times I post on the board. The best part is it is not like taking a survey. You don't have tons of questions to answer but instead get to take part in actual conversations and give input on specific topics with others.


why am I rattling on about this? Just today I had two invites to online research boards. So, please be on the look out today or make sure you read your email over the next few days so you can take the screener, too.

Survey Savvy

My invite came from Survey Savvy today and was titled: A unique opportunity from (L2520 )

Check your email to see if you got it, too, and don't skip over it.

I took the screener for a private online community for approx. 300 members. If accepted ( they will notify us this week ) you will get paid in gift certificates.

Not a member of Survey Savvy yet? Click here to join and make sure you get in on all future invites. Check you emails over the next few days in case they send you the invite for this study, too.

Honest Insite Panel

My invite came today and was titled: Share YOUR Thoughts

This is for an online group discussing snacks. On top of that, you also get 50 points for taking the screener ( if you don't qualify ) or 450 if you do. They do state you will get further compensation if accepted in the panel.

Not a member of Honest Insite yet? Click here to join and watch your email.

Finally, I would like to introduce a new survey site. I have been a member for awhile and gotten a few invites and earned.

Smart Panel - FGI Research

You can fill out the below form and I will get an invite sent to you in the next few days.

Their surveys will come to you via email, like most companies. What I have liked so far, is when you take the survey you will get paid via Paypal. This is a nice incentive because you don't need to wait to you reach a set threshold to cash out.

For example, a survey I was offered in February was short ( a few minutes ) and only paid 50 cents, but they were paying it out if you took the survey and was accepted. No waiting around to get your money.

Good luck everyone on getting accepted to the panels! I am keeping my fingers I will be included! :)

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