Sunday, April 11, 2010

Online Offer Congrats - $9,500 Awarded in March

Time for the monthly congratulations post!

And, as usual, I have fun pictures that readers submitted with their checks or gift cards they received. Heather is pictured above with her $500 Visa Gift Card. And, just scroll down a bit to see Kim with her $500 Visa, too!

But, my favorite picture this month? Sariah got her $1,500 in Costco gift cards! Wow! You can't beat one thousand five hundred dollars arriving on your doorstep. :)

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So, how much did everyone receive in March? $9,500!
If I missed you in the round up, please leave a comment below and I will get you added.

Here are those that received their gift:

  • $1,500 Costco Gift Cards - Sariah
  • $1,500 Costco Gift Cards - Casey
  • $1,500 Costco Gift Cards - Jessica
  • $500 Gift Card - Katie W.
  • $500 Visa Gift - Heather
  • $500 Visa Gift - Kim J.
  • $500 Gift Card - Bargain Fun ( read about it on her blog )
  • $500 Visa Gift Card and $500 US Airway Gift Card - Amanda H.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Lauren S.
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - VJ
  • $500 JcPenney Gift Card - Ambra
  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Jenny

Total MTD = $9,500

How much have we all received so far in 2010?
Total for 2010 - $12,550 plus 3 Tshirts and a box of Candy

$1,500 Costco Gift Card

Since the $1,500 Costco gift card from Nuitech is still available and Sariah got hers this past month, I thought I would let everyone know they can still get in on this offer.

If you are not a member of Costco but you have one nearby, it may be worth doing this offer and then joining once your gift cards come.

Click here to get the $1,500 Costco deal. Remember to read the instructions for Nuitech here.

For those just wanting to start with online offers and are not interested in the above offer or for the avid participants, here is the only new offers for us this week. Hopefully some more will begin popping up soon.
But don't forget there are many online offers still available on the Online Offers webpage. You will find Nuitech offers in the right side bar on that page. One of my favorites is the $500 Walmart Gift Card.

Keep me posted as you receive your gifts!

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Lauren S said...

I got a $500 Visa (I may have actually gotten it in Feb), but I could not remember to take a picture or post on here. Oops!

VJ said...

I received the $500 Visa GC in March. Already spent it on a new snowboarding set for DH, so no picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I got the $1,500 Costco gift card as well in March. It was very, very easy and my OOPS was only $200. Sorry I forgot to take a picture

Anonymous said...

Can someone please let me know more details on this kind of thing? I would love to know. As I would love to try one of these things. Feel free to email me.

Thanks Kelly

Jessica said...

I also got a 1500 Costco picture either!!!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks everyone! I updated the post with all your winnings so far!

Congrats to all...

Jenny said...

I got a $500 Visa gift card in March! Sadly it's already gone, but it went to paying for me and DH's gym membership for the next 2 years. Not bad for a $30 investment! :) I can't wait to do another one now! :)

Angela R. said...

HI Carrie! Is the Costco still available? When I click on the link it now directs to a free Dyson page. Help?


Carrie @ said...


Sorry to say, it is now gone. They come and go quickly unfortunately. Often after I post them, they are only up for a short while.

I keep my eyes open, and each week if I find new ones I will repost.

So, check back often.

sariah said...

Congrats to everyone else who got a Costco card too!! I have loved shopping there. Just a FYI as long as you have your gift cards with you, you do not have to have a membership. They will let y shop with your gift cards but once they are gone then they won't let you in anymore. I did not have a membership and thought I would have to but they told me I could shop without it while I had the cash cards!