Saturday, March 6, 2010

Online Offer Round Up - $1,050 Awarded!

Time for the monthly congratulations post!

And, as usual, I have fun pictures that readers submitted with their checks or gift cards they received. Snickers! Yum! Chrystal from Splendid Living Santa Barbara is pictured above with her $50 Gift Card and $50 worth of candy. She is my first reader to get candy, and I think it is SOO fun!

Martha, on the other hand, went for the $500 Visa Gift Card! Congrats two both ladies.

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So, how much did everyone receive in February? $550 and a box of Snickers.

If I missed you in the round up, please leave a comment below and I will get you added.

Here are those that received their gift:

  • $500 Visa Gift Card - Martha ( photo above )
  • $500 Visa Gift Card & Tshirt - Sandy M.
  • $50 Visa Gift Card & $50 worth of Snickers ( Yum ) - Chrystal @ Splendid Living Santa Barbara
Total MTD = $1,050, a Tshirt and Box of Candy

How much have we all received so far in 2010?
Total for 2010 - $3,050 plus 3 Tshirts and a box of Candy

For those just wanting to start with online offers or for the avid participants, here are some new offers for us this week:

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Anonymous said...

Is the $500 Walmart card under Nuitech? Should I use the same email ID across all Nuitech sites?

Carrie @ said...

From what I can tell by looking at the site, I have it categorized as Nuitech.

Personally, I use the same email address just to keep it easy and in case there is some rule I don't know about ( like IDeal ) in regards to using only 1 email address.

I like to play it safe. :)

SH said...

I didn't know if you got this question on another post
Hi Carrie, I was looking to start a new ideal offer and I wondered if you had checked into them lately the offer I was looking at had 2 referral requirements info:Ideal offer change ? refer 2 unique households that also complete the program requirements; and 5) follow the redemption instructions. Thats crazy !

Also when i sent nuitech a question they sent this in their email . I take it to be only 1 offer a year what do you think ?
Just wondering if you'd noticed the changes and your thoughts. also have you received your tax info from ideal yet? I still haven't ! Thanks, Steph
bargainfun1 at yahoo

Nuitech offer info emailed to me. Please note, as of December 10, 2009, only one gift is permitted from
the company identified under this site\'s Terms and Conditions per
person and/or household for one year after your registration date.

Carrie @ said...

Those terms for Nuitech are much better than before.

Instead of only being one per household, it is now one per household per year. Meaning, next year you can actually do that website again.


I won't be getting one from IDeal, since I only made $500 with them. Must be $600 or more, and when I finally went back through all my info for last year, I only made that much with them last year.

If you made over $600, send them an email and ask if they have been mailed out yet.

If they have, you may ask them to resend it.

Myself, since I won't be getting one, I just went ahead and entered mine as if it came to me on a 1099-MISC line 7. Popped it into my tax software on Tax Act,

TW said...


Could you do a post on how you file your taxes for these online offers? I made $500 last year from Ideal and declared it as income. Can I deduct the amount I paid OOP for my offers as expenses?


Carrie @ said...

Because I am not a tax expert, I try to steer clear of giving particular tax advise on how others should file.

Don't need the IRS coming after me for incorrect information. LOL.

But, what I do, is each year I call the IRS ( they have a 1-800 number for tax questions ) and get the ID number of the person who I talk to and the advice they give me.

I keep this with my taxes for back up. I always ask that same thing each year on the expenses I paid so I can deduct them, and just want the back up from the IRS that I was instructed to do so.

TW said...

Thanks for the tip about calling them, that sounds like a great idea!