Monday, February 8, 2010

Make $ ( Free ) Laundry Detergent - Kroger

If you pulled your Grocery Game list for Kroger this week ( and your store is participating ), you saw they are running their Buy 10 Get $3 Off promotion.

Purex Laundry Detergent, 50oz., is included in this deal and is priced at $2.49 on sale ( reg $3.99 ). With the current promo, you get 30 cents off per item, so the price comes down to $2.19.

Purex Money Maker

So, here is what you need to do:
  • Buy (2) Purex 50 oz. Laundry Detergents - $2.49 ea.
  • Save 30 cents ea. w/Promotion - now they are $2.19 ea
  • Use (2) $.35 Off Purex Coupons from Redplum Jan 10th insert - now $1.49 ea.
  • Get a $4.00 Catalina back from Purex.
  • Make $1.02
If you have enough Purex coupons, you can do this promotion again on a different transation.

Only have 1 Purex coupon?
  • Buy (2) Purex 50 oz. Laundry Detergents - $2.49 ea.
  • Save 30 cents ea. w/Promotion - now they are $2.19 ea
  • Use (1) $.35 Off Purex Coupons from Redplum Jan 10th insert - now $1.84 ea.
  • Get a $4.00 Catalina back from Purex
  • Make $.32
No coupons?

Then, you only pay 19 cents per Purex! Still not bad.

To read about the catalina, go visit Mommy Snacks here.

Happy Grocery Shopping!

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Danielle Miller said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for this post. I was starting to run low and needing to replenish my stock pile. I knew something fantabulous would come up soon enough! Last week I was lucky enough to have the cashier give me one of the $4 catalinas that the prior customer left behind. Hubby had done the grocery run for me, and just thought it was a coupon for laundry detergent. He was so proud of his grocery store prowess. LOL.

Now I'm going to be going stir crazy waiting out the snow to be able to run and do this deal.

Carrie @ said...

I know, me too! I'll beat you to the store. :)

Becky said...

Thanks Carrie!!
I want to stock up but may have trouble buying enough other participating items. It can work like this too without the Daytona 500 Promo

Buy 2 Bottles of Purex ~~~ $2.49 each
Use 2 $.35 Purex Coupons from the 1/10 Red Plum Insert (Doubled of course)
Pay Just $1.79 per bottle or $3.58 for both bottles
Get $4.00 OYNO Catalina for buying 2 bottles
Make $.42

I'm going to order coupons on ebay!

Thrifty T said...

Where do you find the deal with the catalina?

Carrie @ said...

The deal is buy 2 50oz. Purex Detergent and get $4 or buy 3 and get $5.

You are better off buying 2, though because you are getting more off per unit.

If you want more than 2, break it up into separate transactions.

If you are at your store, they will often have the Catalina deals posted on the shelf. Otherwise, we get print outs telling us about upcoming Catalina deals and past check outs.

Anonymous said...

you don't get the .30 cents off unles you buy atleast 10 participating products. and anything after 10 doesn't take it off, unless you buy an additional 10.(total of 20) I shop at Kroger every week, and bought 14 of the participating things this past week,and thats what the cutomer service manager told me.

Carrie @ said...

That is absolutely correct. don't want to buy more than 2 per the 10. You need another 8 items to get the 30 cents off.

You want to roll your transactions, as I mentioned above.

So, buy only 2. Then but a separation stick between your orders adn have them ring a separate order up again ( pay with the $4 you got back from the first one ), etc, etc.

When I do these deals at Kroger, I always keep a tally on my grocery game list so I know when I got to 10, so I know I am getting the most for my money..30 cents off per product.

If you don't think you can get to 10 items, do as Becky mentioned above.

Buy only 2. Your total comes to $2.49 each. Use 2 35 cents off coupons, which double. Now your total is $1.79 each.

Get the $4 back in a catalina, and you made $.21 on each product or $.42 cents each.

Only have one coupon and aren't taking part in the Buy 10 promo?

Then, buy 2 at $2.49 each. Use 1 coupon at $.35 doubled. Total per each is brought down to $2.14. Get your $4 back and you only paid 14 cents per detergent.

No coupons? Then, you simply pay $.49 cents per each. Still a great deal for detergent.

Keep it rolling and you can walk out with TONS of detergent for next to nothing.

And, for great deals like this, consider buying coupons on eBay, etc. Just make sure they will arrive before the sale is over.