Monday, February 8, 2010

Over $20 of New Printable Coupons

If you haven't signed up with Dinner Made Easy yet, this is a great time.

I got an email from them yesterday stating they had $20 in new coupons to print.

Many of them are for ONE item, which means they are worth more when doubled. Many of these same coupons often come in the Sunday paper and are off 2 items instead. They do state you can print them while supplies last, so print them now if these are for items you think you may buy on sale before they run out.

Click here to register for free with Dinner Made Easy and remember to use your "deals" email address to stay organized.

If you don't have a separate email for newsletters/loyalty programs yet, I highly advise setting one up for free with yahoo or gmail. For example, mine is dealsforcarrie@

Finally, here are the coupons you will find:

  • $.50 Off Fiber One Muffin Mix
  • $1.00 Off Yoplait Frozen Smoothie
  • $.50 Off Tub of Betty Crocker Frosting
  • $.60 Off Cheerios Snack Mix
  • $.50 Off Betty Crocker Warm Delights
  • $.60 Off Chex Mix Bars
  • $.40 Off Betty Crocker Potatoes
  • $.50 Off Chex Mix
  • $.40 Off Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
  • $.50 Off Chocolate Chex Mix
  • $.75/2 Off Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix
  • $.40 Off Fiber One Bars
  • $.50 Off Betty Crocker Muffin Mix
  • $.50/2 Off Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
  • $.60 Off Bisquick
  • $1.00 Off Nature Valley Nut Clusters
  • $.50 Off Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
  • $.40 Off Nature Valley Granola Bars
  • $.50/2 Off Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
  • $.40 Off Yoplait Kids Yogurt
  • $.50 Off Green Giant Just for One Vegetables
  • $.55 Off Chocolate Cheerios Cereal
  • $.50 Off Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamer Vegetables
  • $1.00/2 Off General Mills Cereal
  • $1.00 Off Macaroni Grill Dinner Kit
  • $.75 Off Multi Grain Cheerios
  • $1.00/3 Off Progresso Soup
  • $.75 Off Cheerios
  • $.75/3 Off Helper Meals
  • $.50/6 Off Yoplait Yogurts
  • $1.00 of Wanchai Dinner Kit
  • $.80/2 Off Yoplait Yogurt Kids

To read about how I grocery shop and save money with this method, click here or go to my Groceries button in the left menu bar at anytime.

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Elizabeth @ The Thrifty Divas said...

Hi, Carrie! We love your blog and appreciate all the time and effort you put into it! You truly educate your readers and do a great job saving us all money!!!

We are awarding you the "Happy 101" blog award - from The Thrifty Divas! Congrats to you! We hope you'll stop by to accept the award and pass it along to other fellow bloggers!


Elizabeth & Laura
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