Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Bleach, 5 Cent Pillsbury Biscuits and more at Kroger

If you haven't heard yet, Ohio is one of the states in the huge snow storm that came across the U.S. this week. We have been out of school and snowed in for the week, and last night I was FINALLY able to get to the grocery store.

For all of this, I have paid $1.81 after sale, coupons, catalinas, Upromise eCoupons, etc. Yay!

So, I wanted to mention a few other deals that were not included on our Grocery Game list for the week:

  • Remember, Free or Money Maker w/ Purex Laundry Detergent - If you got the Kroger Coupon Mailer this week like me, there was a $1.00 off 1 Purex coupon included. It makes this an even better deal - click here to read the details
  • Free Bleach w/ the Purex Deal - At the end of my aisle was a large display for the promotion, and on it was a tear pad for coupons. Get one free Bleach with 2 Purex Detergents bought. This matches up perfectly with the Purex deal. Look for your tear pads, too.
  • 8 Pack of Bounty Paper Towels, Reg $9.99 for $3.13 - On sale for $6.99. With the $.30 off if you Buy 10 ( Mix and Match ) Promotion it comes down to $6.69. Kroger mailed out their coupons for the Promotion this week. Mine came in the mail yesterday, look for yours and had a $1.50 Off Bounty Paper Towels. This brings it down to $5.19. Stack the Upromise $2.00 Off eCoupon and it brings it down to $3.19. Even if you didn't get the Kroger coupon in the mail, you do have a $.25 Off coupon from the Sunday paper which doubles to $.50 bringing your total to $4.19, which is still well over 50% off.
  • Pillsbury Grand Biscuits 8 count for 5 cents! - Reg $2.09 and on sale for $1.29. With the Buy 10 ( Mix and Match ) get $3.00 off Promo, the price drops to 99 cents. Buy 6, your total is $5.94. Use 2 $.40/3 ( doubled to 80 cents off each ) coupons from the Dec 6th, Dec 12th and Jan 3rd papers. Your price is now $4.34 for 6. They currently have a Catalina Deal that if you buy 6, you get a $4.00 reward back. You can go to Mommy Snacks to read about the Catalina deal here. This brings your price to $.34 for 6, or 5 cents a piece!
  • SoftSoap, $.18 - Don't miss that on your grocery game list
  • Free Suave Deo - Check your grocery game list
  • Free Gatorade - Check your grocery game list
Of course, there were many more deals, but these were the ones that were additional to our Grocery Game list and I wanted to highlight.

Don't forget, if you haven't loaded your Upromise eCoupons yet, it is time. Go here to log in or register.

New to Upromise? It is free to join and a great way to save extra money. You can either use it to save for college or you can cash it out. I have over $200 on the way that I cashed out earlier this month. So excited!

There are multiples ways to save, but the easiest is to enter your store shopping card ( so for me, that is my Meijer, CVS, etc cards ). Then, when you buy participating items, they give you money back in your account.

On top of that, they have an eCoupon feature. Each month, you log in and load the eCoupon electronically. If you buy that item ( like the Bounty paper towels mentioned above ) you get that money back. So, I will be getting $2.00 for that item in my account.

Click here to read more about the Upromise program and sign up.

Reminder: Get All You Magazine for $.67 an issue or just over $8 a year until February 13th. If you plan to save on Groceries this year by utilizing coupons, this magazine is full of coupons. This month has almost $50 worth.

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Danielle Miller said...

Girl, you rock. If you hadn't posted this I would have left my house without checking my mail first then I would have been upset to get home and find them. I'm hoping they still have the rubbermaid containers left by the time I get there.

Danielle Miller said...

Well, I had a pretty great shopping trip too. Spent 52.57 OOP for $148.39 of groceries. And I still have $6 in register rewards for next week. And $2 going into my upromise account from the paper towels. Do you always get your upromise rewards? I'm just starting to be able to track stuff better, but it seems like I never get the amounts I expect from using their Internet coupons.

My trip included stops at Kroger, Walgreens, and Walmart. Included 2 gallons of milk, 3 packs of diapers, 3 boxes of wipes, 2 bottles of dove mens body wash, 2 boxes tampax tampons, 4 boxes of cereal, 6 bags of rice, 7 rubbermaid food storage containers, 4 bottles of purex, 8 pack of bounty paper towels, Harry London chocolates, 2 packages of deli meat, 5 packs Knox gelatin, 3 packs muffin mix, 7 packages of yakisoba meals, 5 bottles of softsoap, 11 packs of sausage, and 2 small packs of valentine hearts. Whew!

ash said...

How do you get the kroger home mailer?

Danielle Miller said...

It should come automatically if you have a kroger card. I didn't have to do anything special to get it.

ash said...

I have the kroger card but i do not get it.Do you have to sing up for it or something?Can i ask my store manager?

Carrie @ said...


Call Kroger ( their customer service # from the website ) and ask that they verify you are set up to receive coupons and mailers from them AND that they have your correct address.

I have had readers in the past call to check, and Kroger still had addresses from years and years ago so the coupons were being mailed to someone else.

Carrie @ said...

You may also try logging into your Kroger account to make sure it is set up.

Once you are in there, make sure the right Kroger plus # is in there ( so they know you are shopping with them regularly ), your address is correct, your profile is correct, etc.