Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reminder: All You Magazine - 67 Cents an Issue or $8 a year

Reminder: Today is the LAST day to get All You at 67 cents an issue, or just over $8 a year!

If you haven't ever bought an All You magazine before, it is great mag for those that are coupon shoppers. Each issue is full of manufacturer coupons worth $50 or more.

I couldn't pass up this deal. I am taking advantage and get 40 extra issues ( that is 3 years and 4 months for those like me who had to figure it out ) for $27.

If you are new to the magazine All You, then it is definitely one money savers want to get every month. Most of the magazines I receive I got for $0 of pocket thru special promotions, etc. But, All You is the only magazine will pay for each month due to all the coupons. F

For February, there are approx. $50 worth of coupons.

It is not only a great magazine but also in just chuck full of coupons. Yes, I know, this is my 3rd post today on couponing. But, you can save your family SO much money by matching coupons with sale items each week. Use that extra money you save ( track it ) and pay off debt, set up your retirement account, college savings accounts, etc. Saving money is important, just as earning is...and you don't pay taxes on savings! :)

Anyway, back to All You!

On their website, they are selling it for $1.99 an issue w/subscription or approx. $24 a year. You are getting over 3 years for almost the same price.

And, the other promotion I shared last year for this magazine was $10 thru Southern Living. So, this is even cheaper than that.

This promotion is thru Campus Fundraiser. Usually, they sell magazines and a portion of those funds go to a designated college. But, they are taking that portion and passing it back to us! This is how you are getting such a low price.

67 Cents an Issue - All You

Would you like to get your magazine or add on these additional years to your current subscription?
  • Update: This promotion is now over! Click here to order by February 13th
  • Click on the Support our Group link on that page
  • Order 40 issues of All You for $40
  • Campus Fundraiser then issues a $13 credit back to your payment method bringing your cost to $27
  • The refund will show up within 2 to 5 days, depending on your payment method. Debit card refunds seem to show up quicker than credit card refunds, for whatever reason.
Some other tips:
  • If adding on to a current subscription, make sure all information is exactly the same
  • Want 2 subscriptions each month for the coupons then order one in another name (spouse, etc)
  • Once you place your order, wait up to 24 hours for payment confirmation email.
  • The $13 credit only applies to magazines that are $40. So, there are other titles to choose from, if you are interested.
  • Your subscription will begin in 10 to 12 weeks

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Anonymous said...

Carrie, thanks for the tip. I just placed my order.