Thursday, January 7, 2010

Online Offers - 10K Challenge

So, I want to go thru each step of my 2010 Challenge and share it with everyone. As always, please leave comments on your own goal in this category, past experiences ( good and bad, please ) and any helpful insight you may have.

Let's get started:

Before reading this post, go here to read all about Online Offers and how I have used this method for years. It will give you an overview of what Online Offers are, how to earn with them and helpful hints to earn your money.

First, as you saw in my previous post my goal is $4,000 for Online Offers. I am hoping to earn $1,000 per quarter for our family. This is the bulk of my $10K goal and you can see my whole challenge here. It is important to note, I will have to spend some to earn that $4,000, but do keep track of it all. You should, hopefully, be able to deduct those expenses that were required to earn your money.

So, how do I personally plan to do this and how have I earned with this method in the past?

Online Offers - $4,000

1. I rotate companies - I know many of you get comfortable with a company ( IDeal for example ) and want to keep doing their sites over and over instead of trying Netblue or Nuitech. BUT, you open yourself up to difficulties when doing this.

Some companies have caps on how much you can earn per year, how many offers you can duplicate, etc. When you do only one company, you risk being DQ'd AND running out of offers to do. I plan to do two different companies per quarter. So, for example, one IDeal and Nuitech. Next quarter, maybe a Nuitech and a Netblue, etc, etc.

2. I also set up an email address for each company. So, all IDeal sites have one specific address, all Nuitech have their own email, etc. This helps when you go to sign up for offers within the site to earn your points. This keeps records straight per company and easier to manage.

3. I have my husband do some of the companies ( IDeal, Nuitech, etc ), too.
That way we can both complete offers if it is not one per household.

By this I mean, if one of the offers is for some lotion, for example, and it is one intro offer per person, we can both do it then. I can do mine on my IDeal site and he can do it on his Nuitech site. Make sense? If I was the only one taking part, I may not be able to do that offer again since I had already completed it on the IDeal site.

4. If not using virtual credit card numbers ( you should be ), then use a separate credit card per company ( Nuitech, IDeal, etc ).
This keeps your records clean plus helps when you sign up for one offer and your husband signs up for one, too. Then, each of you have your own records and it will allow you to set up an account per person with that specific offer.

I cannot stress enough that just because one company has a higher payout and is quicker to complete that it makes it the "go to" company and your only choice. The key to success is earning with multiple companies. Even if you make less with one company, you are STILL making money! It is still profit and money we didn't have before.

So, to get us all started I have a list of offers to choose from for each company. Some of these are new and some you may have seen posted on my Online Offers page before. Here is what I am starting right now! The $500 Visa Gift Card with Holiday Shopping Rewards, a Nuitech site. It has 2, 2, and 4 for the requirements and only 6 day requirement for all but 2.

So, here are offers that are available right now to get you started in 2010! I will keep my eyes open for some Netblue offers ( haven't seen any in FOREVER ) but will post them when I find them. Click on any offer below that interests you to go see all the details and register.

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Carrie, have you noticed the new yearly limit for Nuitech gifts? I believe it was $1000 per year, as of last November.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Mmm, sorry, I was wrong about the amount. Here is the actual text from their terms and conditions:

To be eligible to participate in the Program, you must be at least 18 years of age ... Only one gift is permitted from Net Radiance per person and/or household for one year after your registration date.

Does this mean that we can only do one gift from Nuitech each year? Or just that we can't do the SAME OFFER more than once in a year?

Sharon said...

Hi Carrie,
Just a note to say thanks! Last July, I made the plunge into online offers after reading since March about others doing them. I completed my offers and received a $500 gift card in August. I held onto the card and didn't spend it until Christmas shopping in Dec. It was so fun to have extra money to buy gifts for my 5 children and hubby. Money has been tight this year, so the gift card was the extra "fun money" to spend! Thanks again!!!

Cheryl said...

Ok, Carrie, I've been following your blog this past year and am very impressed with your methods. This year I plan to take the plunge into the "Online offers" but I don't mind telling you I'm very nervous. I checked the Nuitech offer that you said you were going to start with. Here's what I'm seeing, please tell me if I've missed anything. Some of the offers have as little as an 8 day trial period, but reading the info for Nuitech, it looks like I just can't cancel before 6 days. So my thought is, if it's not something I want to keep, I'll have all the information ready to call on the 7th day to cancel. You indicated in your Nuitech Instructions, that "Some companies require you to remain a member past the trial periods to get your credit". I assume you are referring to the offers. Would that be in their "terms of service"? Where would I find that? I didn't find any that said that so far. I really can't afford to put out a lot of extra money, so I'm trying hard to be aware of everything. Thanks for your help.

megs92 said...

Thanks for this great post! I'm planning to do some Online Offers during the 2nd half of this year, but the Dell laptop offer really caught my eye. It only requires 10 offers and that laptop retails for $949 on Dell's website. Does anyone know what the "value" of that gift would be? I wonder if I might have the option to choose a check instead and, if so, how much it would be for. Also, does anyone have any experience with doing online offers for ipods, computers, etc. and then selling those items? I really need a new laptop, but I'd rather sell the dell and use the profit to buy a more modest computer. Any thoughts? And thanks again, Carrie, I love these posts!

Bethany said...

Hi! I completed an online offer and was approved October 29th. (It was with Consumer Bonus). However, I still haven't received my gift card. I keep checking my status in the site, and it still says approved, and I tried emailing them, but have received no response yet. Since this is my first online offer ever, I am very anxious that it is going to pull through. Any help, anyone?

Anna Mcmullen said...

Carrie, In your post you referenced "virtual credit card numbers" what is this?
You can email me at

Elise said...

Hi, Carrie!

I signed up for a Bullseye offer and an offer from Top Notch. I used seperate email addresses for them, am I going to get DQ'd?

Anonymous said...

The Nuitech offer (2nd one down) says limit one per household per year. Can you explain that a little more?

Maggie said...

Carrie, I am so excited to see you can do offers with your husband. I was going to have him do the 1500 Costco one. Can you tell me do most companies/offers allow you to have a different person and credit card number but the same address and stull give credit. Do you know any that have not given you credit for them?Does it say anywhere in the terms and conditions about same address? I am running out of offers on Nuitech but I was seeing if my husband could do the sames ones on Nuitech. Thanks, Maggie

Carrie @ said...


I took it to mean that we could only do one site a year ( and that meant we could now do the site AGAIN a year later ). Which is actually better than before. If you read the terms for different websites, you will see the name is different. For example, where yours says Net Radiance, the site I am reading ( for the $1,500 Costco card ) is actually called Reliant.

So, my thoughts are, if the name in that section is different, it is a new sub company you can do that year.

Let me know if you think different. I could be reading it wrong.

Carrie @ said...


It would say it in their terms if they needed you to remain a member longer. If you don't see it, you should be OK.

But, you are right. Nuitech has changed their terms to 6 days recently.

You just need to keep records of everything with Nuitech because they do ask you to prove that you were a member past the 6 days. So, keep records of payments, etc. If you do decide a product is not for you, make sure to get a confirmation email or cancellation number.

If you decide to keep a product, they make sure you record the next payment, etc.

Carrie @ said...


One of my girlfriends got a laptop a few years ago from one of these.

My view on gifts is to do the offers for the money instead, if you can. Unless it is just a killer deal.

They can value those gifts within a range and you have to pay taxes on whatever they decide it's worth.

In addition, if it comes and is damamged you would have to go thru the hassle to get it fixed.

Personally, I always recommend getting gift cards or checks and go buy exactly what you want instead.

I have heard of others selling the products, though.

Carrie @ said...


If they haven't responded yet and you are approved, file a quick BBB report. It takes moments.

They always seem good about responding when someone files a complaint.

But, make copies of everything. Even your approval page showing you have been waiting since October.

I would send them one more VERY nice letter explaining you haven't heard back and will be filing a complaint with the BBB if you don't receive a response, because you just don't what else to do. Give them one last chance to get back to you.

Carrie @ said...


Some credit cards ( Citi and Discover I know for sure ) offer virtual credit card #s.

When you log into your account you can hit a button for a virtual number. It will randomly select a one time use number that links BACK to your actual credit card.

That way, you don't have to worry about your information being stolen online.

Carrie @ said...


You should be fine since they are to different sub companies. But, no guarantees.

But, in the future I would only use one for all IDeal sites.

Carrie @ said...

Almost all companies are one per site per household.

That means whatever the site is, for example, can only be done once. So, if that site offers multiple gifts...a free gift iPod, etc you need to pick only ONE gift and do that site. You can do that site again, even for another gift.

Now, their site seems to be saying you can do their site again, but you must wait a year. That is a nice change. Although, a year from now the terms could be changed again. :)

Carrie @ said...


For each offer check the terms. It is really on a one by one basis. Some will and some won't.

You need to see if it says one per household or one per person.

Based on that, you can then determine if it will allow you to do it.

If you can't find anything in each specific terms, then usually it won't let the order go thru if they won't allow it. It will then say someone in your house already signed up.

Just remember, your husband may need to be the one then to take care of phone calling, etc since his name will be on the account. My husband also has do go sign and get notorized ( for companies that require that ). So, just make sure they are up for the work. :)

Leslie Walters said...


Like Bethany posted earlier, I too completed an Ideal offer through, and was approved on Oct. 28th, 2009. So, it was supposed to have been delivered in 6 to 8 weeks, but ended up being delivered 10.5 weeks later. I received my card on 1/12/10. So, Bethany, hold tight! The Twilight t-shirts that accompanied the gift card were on back order, and that's the reason our order was late. I too was very antsy, but was glad when it came! Customer service responded to my emails very swiftly, so I don't know why they didn't answer you! But, that is why there was the delay, so I hope that helped you! Thanks, Leslie.