Friday, January 8, 2010

Home Depot Ads in your Inbox

You may have already seen this around the web already, since I have been seeing it advertised a lot. But, if not this is another eNewsletter type program to sign up with for future deals, sales, etc.

Since I am running my $50 worth of Home Depot gift cards giveaway right now, I figured this came out at the perfect time! :)

Obviously, it is a new Home Depot eNewsletter that delivers the latest ads right to your inbox. I am keeping my fingers crossed that coupons and other promotions may sometimes be mixed in.

Remember, always send all newsletter and loyalty program emails to their own email account. Set up a free separate email account and have all of them delivered to one location. It is then VERY easy to log in and check all the deals, grab all your coupons and codes and it doesn't interfere with your personal emails.

To sign up with Home Depot, click here.

And, don't forget to check out their Do It Herself workshop in January either. Go here to read more.

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