Sunday, January 24, 2010

$20 Free to Bidvertiser

As a blogger, I just love when I get free money for advertising from different companies. Just last week, I got a $100 code in the mail for Google, so I will be able to run a text advertisement for Money Saving Methods. Yay!

Then, this week I also got $20 free from Bidvertiser that all my fellow bloggers and website owners can take advantage of right now, too.

Bidvertiser - $20 Free

This runs the same way Google Adwords does, it is a very similar program. You can choose from a text advertisement or a image based ad. I chose the text advertisement, because it was quicker and easier to set up. And, I didn't have the size dimensions they required for an image ad created for my blog.

So, here are the details:
  • Click here to register for free with Bidvertiser and get $20 free with sign up
  • Create your account.
  • If it does not give you the option for text ads at first, log out and back in. Your $20 will still be there.
  • Create your text ad ( take moments )
  • Enter your daily max spent. I entered $20. They will shut your ad off for the day once it reaches $20.
  • You will need to enter your credit card info in case you forget to pause your campaign the next day and it runs again.
  • Mark your calendar for to log in and pause your campaign. Nothing will then be charged to your credit card. But, you must remember to do it before you reach the $20 threshold, or they will charge you for the whole week ( whatever cost you set that up for when registering your ad ).
And, you are done! You will have $20 free in advertising.

You can direct your ad to go to a specific page for your site, if you so desire, or to your website overall. I set mine up to go specifically to my Survey webpage. I targeted the advertisement for those interested in Surveys. I cover so many topics on my site, I felt a small text ad might be the wrong place to incorporate all the topics I talk about.

With my Google Ad, I think I may gear it towards my Mystery Shopping page. But, you can spend the $20 anyway you think will benefit your site.

In addition, Bidvertiser also has a publisher ( affiliate style ) program set up similarly to Google Adsense. I have been reading up and there are some nice benefits. You can set it up just like your google ads ( I would alter between the two to see which perform better OR set up on a separate web page. I would not put both on the same page ). I am going to put my BidVertiser ads on my specific web pages to try it out.
  • The advantages, especially to those not earning the minimum payout of $100 per month with Google Adsense, is that Bidvertiser pays out at $10!! That is a very easy threshold to meet.
  • You can choose to have the users clicks opened in another window, thus keeping readers on your site.
  • You can manually approve which ads will display on your site.
  • You can choose to display eBay auction ads
  • They have a Refer a Friend program. This helps earn extra money, as we all know.
Click here to join the Bidvertiser Publisher program.

Enjoy your free $20!

To read about all the affiliate companies I recommend and how to earn money with this method, click here or go to my Affiliates button in the left menu bar at anytime.

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Danielle Miller said...

Perfect timing for me! I just got my candle site set up as an official retail site, and I'm trying to get it to rank better on search engines so I can start getting some orders!

Carrie @ said...


Oh, and by the way. Congrats on expecting a new baby. I saw your comment post a few weeks ago and kept meaning to write back.


AM said...

when you open the account what does balance and daily balance mean? How much do I pay them?

Carrie @ said...


Unless you want to keep paying to advertise with them, I would only enter $20, so that your credit will cover it.

Your daily balance is how much you are willing to spend in a day. So, if only the $20 credit, then enter $20.

They will run your ad until they run out of money ( at $20 ).

You will need to remember to log in the next day to pause your campaign, unless you want to spend another $20 the next day.