Friday, December 4, 2009

Send a Free Card from Santa!

I must say thanks to Kami R. for sharing this great idea on Facebook!

I was breezing thru my News Feed today ( by the way, don't forget you can earn $ every time you go to Facebook here ) and saw her post about sending a free postcard from Santa to your kids.

Right now, Google is giving one free Holiday postcard, shipping included, to each person. This means $0 out of pocket. You simply type a message and they will create the card and mail it for you.

Since we send out photo cards, I really didn't have any idea who to send this free card to and honestly forgot about it. But then I saw Kami's update....great idea!!!!

Now, my kids have a Christmas Card from Santa in the mail and on the way.

To get yours:

  • Go here and log in or create your free account
  • Click on Free Samples across the top
  • Next, click on New Free Samples across the side
  • Free Postcard from Google is listed here.
Merry Christmas to the Kiddos!!!

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Lorrie said...

I have noticed that I am not earning anything from Be Ruby. I checked and I have the same balance I had when I signed up several weeks ago. Is there anything I need to do to make sure when I visit sites I am credited? Thanks

Carrie @ said...


I am not sure? Are you logging in every day before you click thru?

My balance has been going up every day with my click thrus, so I know it is working overall. But, I am always logged in when I do it.

If that is not it, I would email their customer support tomorrow to ask them why your balance isn't increasing.