Saturday, December 5, 2009

Printable $5 off $5 to Hallmark

Since I enjoyed my 3 - $5 off $5 coupons to Hallmark from my magazines last month ( stocked up on lots of free cards ), I am excited to go get some great deals again this month.

You can click here to print this $5 off $5 Hallmark coupon twice.

Check your Hallmark, reports are that they have wrapping paper buy 1 at $4.99 get 1 for 99 cents. So, you could get 2 rolls for 98 cents. Or, stock up on more cards. Generic boys and girls birthday cards are good for me to have on hand for kid's birthday parties throughout the year.

Either way, have fun buying stuff for next to nothing! :)

And, don't forget to go here and sign up with all these other companies to be sure you don't miss out on their upcoming $ off $ coupons. Supposedly, JcPenney has sent one out via mail and email recently, so it should be arriving for some of us soon!

Thank you so much, Mellisa @ Fun Saving Money for letting me know about this coupon!

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